Cirque Noir Glamour In The Heart Of Shoreditch – Trapeze Bar

Calling all freaks and adventurers.

Feel like Shoreditch nightlife has stagnated? I do. It’s same old Cargo. Same old Old Blue Last. Same old Hoxton Pony.

They are okay, but where’s the thrill?

We, east Londoners, are long overdue a fresh new unpretentious space to play in.

Trapeze Bar is a new circus-inspired modern British kitchen, cocktail bar and night club.

If you’re into kitsch (i.e camp, seductive, brow-raising stuff), you will enjoy their Cirque Noir show.

Cirque Noir takes traditional circus acts and blends them with a darker side of performances and story- telling.

Some acts are thought of as freak-shows, like fire performance, suspension (body modification), bed of nails and block head.

In June this year, I was invited to their first birthday party, where me and my friends experienced the Dark Circus for the first time.

Sitting beneath hanging trapeze bars in a carousel booth, admiring the clown costume and giant suspended disco ball, I felt I was in the 50s Hollywood era.


Trapeze Bar. Credit:

Circus, trapeze, acrobats defying gravity, tightrope walking, rope, silk, costumes, feathers, burlesque – Trapeze Bar is a magical and hypnotic underworld of London Town.

The show was hosted by Joe Morose –  a witty (but not rude) supernova.


Joe Morose. Credit:

Joe is an all-singing, all-dancing talent, who parades around the venue drawing his audience in with bawdy songs, stories and jokes.

You better loosen up and allow yourself to be led astray, with performers who will excite, seduce and take your evening to the new heights.

Few acts I remember from the night:

Ruby Deshabille – burlesque dancer

Ruby Deshabille. Credit:

Ruby Deshabille. Credit:

Ruby’s performances and delicate beauty lure you into another world altogether.

Burlesque is the art of the striptease. The performances, old jazz music and pin-up style, take you back into classier times.

Hannah Lou – fiery show girl


Hannah Lou. Credit:

Hannah Lou is a feisty show-girl.

Appearing as a kinky nun, we see her press a cigarette on her tongue and pour a candle wax on her chest before stapling items to her breast and back.

Will you run away with the circus?

Trapeze Bar inspiration comes from one of the UK’s oldest Circus schools National Centre for Circus Arts, which is based in Hoxton Square.

The school has trained over 50,000 performers across the world since it opened in 1989.

Trapeze Bar hopes to create a show of their own and give people something interesting and unique to see and talk about in Shoreditch and in London.

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