How To Get To Glastonbury 2016 The Cheapest

Article by Drummond Gilbert, passionate about the sharing economy, he founded GoCarShare 5 years ago. He’s also working at Cuvva, an on-demand app for hourly car insurance.

With Glastonbury a mere 15 days away, now might just be the time to start thinking about how you travel there, and this year there are more options that you might think:



Credit: Cuvva

If you need to drive and can’t afford to a hire car, there’s an app for that – Cuvva.

The on demand Cuvva app lets you book hourly car insurance on a friend’s car in a matter of seconds.

It’s taking the Uber experience to car insurance.

With hourly fees as low as £7, festival-goers are typically looking at somewhere in the region of £20 to £40 to get insured on a friend’s car for both legs of the journey.

Cuvva was recently featured as app of the week in Gizmodo and Digital Spy.

The new Cuvva ‘Social Garage app’ will be launching on June 12th allowing festival-goers to see which of their Facebook friends they can borrow cars from.

Glasto-goers trying Cuvva for the first time can get a £5 discount here.



Credit: GoCarShare

Glastonbury partners with GoCarShare to help festival-goers travel sustainably.

It means that people driving can fill up their car with festival-goers going the same way.

The GoCarShare platform leverages Facebook so you can be sure that everyone you travel with likes the same music.

This year GoCarShare are launching their ‘Star in your Car’ campaign. Meaning that a select group of Glastonbury’s most outrageous artists will be performing in unsuspecting drivers’ cars to the festival.

More information is available on the dedicated GoCarShare Glastonbury site, or the app.



Credit: Rita Platts/Sustrans

Cycling in just under 12 hours from London to Glastonbury is doable – meaning that you can make it in a day. Expect to burn over 6,000 calories.

It might be worth thinking about doing it in two though. If you do, there are plenty of Airbnb’s enroute.

There are a number of additional benefits for Glastonbury cyclists.

There’s a lock up zone, a special cyclist’s campsite and a return bike service if your legs don’t fancy it on the way back – if you do, and you’re cycling east, you should have the prevailing wind giving you a helping hand on the way back.

More information is available on the Bike to Glasto site.



Credit: National Express

The first coach leaves from London on Wednesday at 14:30. A full list of coach times nationwide and prices are available here.

Travelling to Castle Cary

Castle Cary is the nearest train station and is located approximately 6 miles from the festival site.

There is a free bus service transporting people from the train station, note there is no parking.

More information is available at the dedicated Glastonbury GWR page.


  1. Communicate the exact 3 square metre location that you leave your car in three words using What3Words.
  2. Bring an emergency ‘brick phone’!  Now’s the time to bring back your Nokia 3310 – chances of your iPhone making it through the full week on its own … slim.

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