Millennial Subcultures: What Are They?

by Tanya June 08, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Are millennial subcultures dead? Is hipster a subculture? Has the definition of subculture changed?

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I’m A Tech-Fatigued Millennial

by Tanya May 18, 2014 Millennials as consumers

I'm a little tech-fatigued these days. I spend a lot of time online, and I hit my limit.

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My Experience: Why Every 20-Something Should Live In A Big City?

by Tanya May 10, 2014 The future of office

After some time no challenge is too daunting, no person too demanding and no moment too intimidating.

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Words Dumb People Use To Sound More Intelligent

by Tanya April 27, 2014 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

According to research big words, make people think you're even dumber.

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The Sexiness Of Being Busy: NOT

by Tanya April 08, 2014 The future of office

I used to work in a company, where being busy was a virtue. People cut back on sleep to be

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