Interview: David Burstein On Millennial Identity, Future Of Work And Olivia Wilde

by Tanya July 15, 2014 The future of office

I got David on Skype.

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What’s Behind Buzzfeed Success? Ego

by Tanya June 22, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Buzzfeed is a marketing genius! What's behind its success?

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Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of bottom-up management approach.

Facebook: Millennials Want Bottom-Up Company Culture

by Tanya June 15, 2014 The future of office

Innovation comes from bottom-up company culture.

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Millennial Subcultures: What Are They?

by Tanya June 08, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Are millennial subcultures dead? Is hipster a subculture? Has the definition of subculture changed?

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I’m A Tech-Fatigued Millennial

by Tanya May 18, 2014 Millennials as consumers

I'm a little tech-fatigued these days. I spend a lot of time online, and I hit my limit.

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