Millennials And Cars – No Longer The Status Symbol!

by Tanya December 08, 2015 Millennials as consumers

We have other status symbols.

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Branded Content Has An Advertising Problem

by Tanya November 29, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Do people actually share branded content?

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Why Attend Youth Marketing Strategy LDN In March 2016?

by Tanya October 20, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Event backed up by research, not opinions.

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Experiential Marketing – Because Social Media Isn’t Real

by Tanya June 30, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Experiences are.

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The Best Millennial Blogs (Resource)

by Tanya June 18, 2015 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

Don't get a real job.

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Adapting To Millennials: Discussion By Slalom

by Tanya March 22, 2015 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

I discussed Millennials with Coca-Cola, eBay, Google and Louis Vuitton.

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Scenes Of Reason: A Start-up Decoding News For Millennials

by Tanya March 15, 2015 Millennials as consumers

I'm coming out. I don't understand the news.

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Travel Is A Basic Need, Not A Luxury – Thanks To Millennials

by Tanya February 08, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Travel - the only thing I safe for. The only thing that makes me feel truly alive.

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VIDEOS: The Next Generation of Global Consumers Event

by Tanya January 21, 2015 Millennials as consumers

“I actually don’t care about brands being cool, ..." The video of the funnest woking day of 2014 ...

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PHOTOS: Next Generation Of Global Consumers Event

by Tanya December 19, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Let our people do the talking ...

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HALF WAY THROUGH: The Next Generation Of Global Consumers

by Tanya November 18, 2014 Millennials as consumers

The last two week's progress has been unbelievable! We have companies like Mashable, Instagram and Facebook show interest in the

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The Next Generation Of Global Consumers – 28. November In London

by Tanya November 02, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Millennials will buy what they sell themselves through creating and interacting with their peers @nextgenconsumer

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Normcore Is Too Cool For Cool: GAP’s Dress Normal Campaign

by Tanya October 26, 2014 Millennials as consumers

GAP - because I dress for myself. It's what I am, not what I look like.

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How To Market WITH Millennials (Not TO Them)

by Tanya September 16, 2014 Millennials as consumers

BTW, is there anybody on the planet who actually enjoys pre-roll video adverts on YouTube and wouldn't hit "Skip

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To All The Haters: Ice Bucket Challenge Is Actually Genius!

by Tanya August 28, 2014 Millennials as consumers

The Ice Bucket Challenge gives people a way to relate and to sympathize with the sufferers by volunteering to undertake

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Why Being Awkward Is The New Normal?

by Tanya August 12, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Jennifer Lawrence showed us that being awkward and loving food more than partying was the new awesome.

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Socially Awkward Generation Won’t Pick Up The Phone. Why Should You?

by Tanya August 07, 2014 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

Phone is the least important application of a phone.

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What’s Behind Buzzfeed Success? Ego

by Tanya June 22, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Buzzfeed is a marketing genius! What's behind its success?

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Millennial Subcultures: What Are They?

by Tanya June 08, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Are millennial subcultures dead? Is hipster a subculture? Has the definition of subculture changed?

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I’m A Tech-Fatigued Millennial

by Tanya May 18, 2014 Millennials as consumers

I'm a little tech-fatigued these days. I spend a lot of time online, and I hit my limit.

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