How Can Digital Transformation Improve Business in 2022

by Tanya April 28, 2022 The future of office

These 8 tech trends are shaping modern businesses.

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How To Improve Multi-Generational Workplace

by Tanya April 18, 2022 The future of office

Heard of an anonymous employee suggestion box?

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how to cope with redundancy

How to Bounce Back After Redundancy

by Tanya February 09, 2022 The future of office

Life after redundancy can be better.

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[2022] How Many Millennials There Are In The UK?

by Tanya February 05, 2022 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

Quarter of the UK population, 16.8 million.

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WFH to WFA: Working From Anywhere (Not Just Home)

by Tanya February 03, 2022 The future of office

Remote work is permanent (even after vaccine).

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