EatFirst – The First ‘Online-Only’ Restaurant

I bet you’ve thought about it before:

“I could easily eat healthily, if someone just cooked for me regularly.”

I know I have.

Preparing regular healthy meals has always felt like a chore for me.

It takes too much thinking and planning ahead.

Everyone loves to think of themselves as “foodies” these days, but most of us are still struggling with preparing home-cooked meals, let alone healthy ones.

It’s just easier to reach for something immediate, boring and normally stacked with saturated fat.

EatFirst is for people, who don’t like takeaways

Takeaways often taste very different from what you’d have in a restaurant.

They can arrive kind of lukewarm, greasy & horrible.

EatFirst (the perfect alternative to takeaways) is the first “online only” restaurant that delivers gourmet ready meals at affordable price (starting from £3.99).

Launched by ex Roka Chef Benn Hodges, EatFirst delivers expertly prepared, fresh home-cooked meals to your door.

Their meals are designed to be good for your body, fit around your busy lifestyle and leave you feeling totally guilt-free.

My experience with EatFirst

Given that I’m the perfect combination of a time-poor and incredibly lazy “working woman”, I decided to test out the service.

The order was very straightforward.

You just head to the EatFirst website and check out the menu for the day (or the week ahead, if you like).

I found the menu to be mercifully short! I hate trawling through endless pages of meal options – especially when I’m hangry!

I’d rather have less meal options, but more quality ingredients and seasonal recipes.

So, I ended up ordering three meals:

  • Salmon Teriyaki,
  • Thai beef Panang curry and …
  • Honey Soy Chicken (my new favourite thing).

On the day of delivery, you receive two texts:

a) first reminding what time your meal is arriving and,
b) then that the driver is en route (so you have time to get out of the bath!)

The meal arrives in a beautiful, eco-friendly packaging, sealed for freshness and flavour.

You know when the best ingredients are used because the food is full of natural flavour (not the usual nasties, additives or msg).

+ all the ingredients and nutritional information are also included in the delivery – so you know exactly that you’re eating!

There’s nothing better than eating good quality restaurant food in the comfort of your own home.

But don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself.

The kind people at EatFirst are extending a special offer to my readers! 50% off first food orders and 15% forever more on over £30, including delivery.

Enter code:
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