Glasses are now a THING: Ace & Tate

by Tanya September 23, 2018

You know that glasses are a THING, when people with perfect eyesight buy prescription-less glasses so that they can, too, look hot 🙂

But how did glasses become cool?

I blame Millennials and the culture. It’s now cool to be intelligent and successful, i.e geeky.

Not only can glasses make you look smart and cool, they can help you to emphasise your best features and establish your signature look.

Frame shape, colour and detail can transform your look from ‘meh’ to ‘chic’.

For example, glasses with cat-eye frames will give your eyes a natural lift and make you look younger, or choosing a frame colour that’s contrasting to your eye-colour, will bring out your amazing eyes.

Glasses or lenses?

The coolness factor of glasses is now literally off the charts, not sure I can say the same thing about contact lenses.

Lenses can cause discomfort and are quite expensive. You are looking at about £200-£300 for a yearly supply of hydrogel contact lenses and drops.

I’m not suggesting to ditch lenses completely, they have their purpose, I just like that people are embracing their individuality and are wearing their glasses as a fashion statement.

Ace & Tate makes really cool eyewear

Ace & Tate is a modern and minimalist eyewear brand for people, who value quality, style and comfort, but don’t want to overpay.

Most Prada and Gucci frames will cost you a fortune, while with Ace & Tate, you get similar quality and unique design for a fairer price.

All glasses at Ace & Tate are £98 (no matter the prescription), so you can update your look as often as you want.

Ace & Tate’s aesthetic is anything but run-of-the-mill. The brand is famous for their quirky frames and unexpected finishes. But there’s a lot of variety for every taste, so worth browsing around Ace & Tate site to see what looks can you pull off.

Buying glasses online is super easy

The process of buying glasses at Ace & Tate was a breeze:

I simply entered my existing prescription and waited for my new glasses to arrive (no hassle with eye tests etc).

When the glasses arrived a few days later, I was even more impressed with them.

I loved the sleek, clean look of each pair, and the material was both super light and durable, making for a really comfortable and secure fit.

I’m very happy with the overall quality of my new stylish glasses, including the fact that the lenses are scratch-resistant and thin.

The best part is that Ace & Tate really delivers on price-point. All glasses are £98 regardless of prescription, including single vision lenses.

With Ace & Tate, picking out my glasses online was actually super fun!

Check out Ace & Tate for your next new pair!

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