Why HelloFresh Is So Big In The UK

by Tanya October 13, 2017

I can bet you that you’ve heard of meal kits.

For those of you living under a rock, meal kit companies like HelloFresh send you recipes and the exact ingredients to make 3 meals for two people (frequency and servings are flexible), in a box right to your door. So instead of measuring out 2.7 tablespoons of curry powder, you just bung it all together and voilà, you have yourself a delicious, home-cooked meal.

While I, like you, have been aware of their existence for quite a while, I had never considered it for myself.

I can make 6 recipes really well and I don’t see why I would need a service like this.

This is bloody good!

I was over at my mate’s flat, who is a famously bad cook, burning both toast and beans, and he presented this divine looking steak with a chimichurri dressing and a potato and spinach salad.

He swore it hadn’t just come from the local takeaway, but I wasn’t convinced, that was until he showed me the HelloFresh recipe card.

I realised that a meal kit wasn’t for the lazy or the privileged bloke, but for anyone who liked food and needed inspiration to spice up their weekly dinner routine.

I ordered a box on the way home to surprise my girlfriend Emily and a week later we gave it a go.

It was so straight-forward to order and I got to choose which meals we were going to have in the box, which was quite difficult as they all looked so tasty.

I don’t like to fuss over cooking

I value convenience very highly because when I get in from work, all I want to do is quickly whip up something to eat, and not do a shop then spend 2 hours cooking.

With HelloFresh, we can not only make these tasty new dinners with just 30 minutes in the kitchen, but we also get to try new flavours and cuisines that we never thought we’d cook up ourselves. We’re becoming more adventurous with the food we eat.

The first thing Emily said to me when we sat down to the first meal was: “This is bloody good”.

I was chuffed.

Coming home knackered …

I guess we associate convenience with something that is bad for you, boring or not tasty but that is certainly not the case with HelloFresh. It has really re-inspired our dinner time, as we are no longer eating the same thing week in, week out.

We’ve continued it ever since for 3 meals a week, giving us the chance to still eat down the pub when we want to.

With the meals starting at £4 each, it’s hard to see how we could get better variety in such a convenient way and at such a good price.

Writing this, I can already tell you’re a tad skeptical about the whole thing and fair enough, I was too.

I can honestly say though, it’s changed our week right up, coming home knackered and not having to go down the shop or think of what to have, the excitement and simplicity of HelloFresh makes dinner a breeze.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to my readers! Follow this link to get 50% off your first two boxes! (£64 value!)

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  • Scott Graham

    Ive been ordering from Hellofresh for nearly 2 years now, once every 4 weeks just agter payday.
    Works out as a lovely way to treat myself and the girlfriend, 3 meals for two at a really reasonable price.
    For me it’s about expanding my culinary skills and discovering new foods.
    Recommend for anyone!

  • Tanya

    It’s exactly that for me as well – an easy way to expand my culinary skills! (thanks for leaving your opinion)

  • Anonymous

    nice and honest

  • gudrun clark

    I like to try ,as I am german i love any food as I worked in catering for many years. would love to try, only problem my husband only potatoes he not interested in any pasta nor rice, or interesting dishes it has to be british and lots of sweets.

    • Tanya

      Cook a pasta or a rice dish for yourself and eat it in front of your husband 😀 😛

  • Ruth Oldfield

    HelloFresh is great but if you are vegetarian you do not have any choice of meals. There are 3 veggie options and that is it. You do not get to “choose” anything. Like it or don’t order it I was told by the customer adviser.

    • Tanya

      Only 3 veg meals? They’re not really up-to-date then. About every 4th person in my circle of friends is a vegetarian.

  • Wilson

    Another Vegetarian complaining…. Yawn. We have heard it all before. How many times per day do you feel the need to announce/remind people of this? If you aren’t happy about the choice buy from somewhere else or simply cook yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Well said ,sick of pandering to minorities

  • Lisa

    Iv tried hello fresh this week although it’s great all measured out recipe leaflets to follow quo k and easy to cook I felt it wasn’t for me and my family as I like to cook from fresh my self usually from home but I prefer my own recipes it’s great if your in a rush don’t have great culinary skills or you haven’t got time to go grab everything from the supermarket but it just wasn’t for me

  • Tessa

    I have seen friends doing this but the amount of single use packaging involved really upsets me, tinny packets of herbs, and plastic wrapped this and sealed that, while its convenient its not exactly great for the environment!

  • Sara

    This looks like a fantastic idea! I am a rubbish cook and as such my partner does all the cooking. It would be great to surprise him with a nice meal.
    I took a look at the recipes and they look fantastic!
    Only problem, I’m a Coeliac (fully diagnosed, not on some fad diet!). There is a question in the help section about non-gluten Containing meals and it states these meals aren’t safe for Coeliacs. Massively disappointed! I hope they can improve and offer choices for allergy sufferers at dome point in the future – 1% on the UK population are diagnosed Coeliacs – and most newbies have no idea where to start once diagnosed. This could be a massive breakthrough for them!

    • Tanya

      HelloFresh people read this thread regularly. Let’s see, maybe they take notice. Thanks for sharing your ideas 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Shame they don’t cater for the ‘singles’ market.,as I find having to buy food to cook for one from a supermarket ends up wasting food because you have to buy large quantities of stuff. This would be great if they could also have an option for one person

  • Julie

    I have been using hello fresh for a while now. I love it I am quite an established cook but have lost my mojo.. My partner is not a cook but we bought so we could cook together. Half hour per night. He can’t believe how quick and easy the meals are. Simply packaged, grab one bag from fridge with all ingredients included, easy to follow instructions, no waste ,fresh ingredients and delicious

  • Hello Fresh sounds like it will be a big success with lots of people, if it’s cheap, tasty and convenient then lots of people will gravitate towards it in my view..

    • Tanya

      Mhmh, good price combined with convenience will be the main driver for their success I think. Thanks for leaving a comment ,)

  • Cynthia Bernstein

    I think HELLO FRESH is brilliant. My son first introduced me to this. He and his wife both work long hours have four children and so time is valuable. They do not eat meat and choose the vegetarian options. I then gave it a whirl. REALLY GREAT . The taste of fresh ingredients is really different! MUST MAKE IT CLEAR I DO NOT WORK FOR HELLO FRESH

  • Noelle

    Good idea, and I liked the meals when I tried it… the issue for me was the amount of single-use plastic in the box… small box of spices, small bag for this or that… hopefully single used plastic like that get banned soon! Would be great to see companies like HelloFresh bringing innovative solutions…

  • Why don’t you use PayPal. I’m right up for ordering if you used a safe way to pay. The days of giving bank details are over. If you can’t use PayPal, then you’re a bit dodgy ain’t you.

    • Tanya

      Not sure why. Maybe PayPal charges a lot, so isn’t worth it!? But thanks for pointing it out 🙂

    • Kate Carter-Brown

      Paypal are a private company making profit (not a bank) and they charge businesses a high commission rate to take your money for them – bank to bank transfer is free and keeps the price of the goods down. I use bank to ban for all my customers, as none of them want to pay the 3 or 4% that we would have to increase prices by to use PayPal and stay in business.

      • Tanya

        Well said Kate!

  • Bornona

    We have been using hello fresh for over a year. Love it. It’s so easy to cook, the veg is fresh, and the recipes are easy to follow. What I love is that you have a different meal every day with some unique ingredients that you wouldn’t otherwise pick up from the supermarket. There is a lot of choice from balanced meals to low calorie ones. Love it!!

  • Anonymous

    I have been using Hello Fresh for a couple of years now. Great idea good choice of meals, I have a box of 3 meals every month.

  • joe

    Pathetic. Look up some recipes (many things are quick and simple to make from scratch),Plan a weeks worth of meals,write down the ingredients needed and go to the shop and buy them.No drama and no waste.Repeat the following week.If you are vegetarian.vegan or gluten free then plan around that.Stuff sent in a box still has to be cooked so just buy the stuff yourself

    • Tanya

      Making everything from scratch is a good option, which doesn’t mean Hello Fresh doesn’t have its place. For example, last week I spent 1.5 hours researching and writing down ingredients for 2 new meals I wanted to cook this week. Then it took me about 2h driving and walking around Sainsbury’s trying to find the fancy ingredients, so all in 3.5h of just stuff and I hadn’t even started cooking yet…I ended up spending all Saturday doing food-related chores and ended up irritated cause I missed out on me-time.

  • Tracy

    We’ve been with HelloFresh for around 3 yrs now..we used to get twice a month now it’s every week…love this….have had a few problems along the way as in missing ingredients. …which I complained about but I don’t think I could go without HelloFresh anymore..coming home from work and not having to look in the fridge or freezer for something to cook…is a God send for us.

  • Anonymous

    @ stephen Gustafason… I’ve been using hello fresh for about 8 months now and I pay through PayPal.

  • Emma

    I love Hello fresh and their recipes but wish they would reduce their use of single plastic waste, would really like to see them reduce this.

  • Stephen and Jacqueline Daly

    We brought our 1st set of meals at the Ideal Home Cruise Show and it arrived as told and in time slot specified. We were very impressed with the selection. So this evening we will be trying our 1st meal. Satay Chicken Wraps with slaw Salad and seasoned wedges plus I’m making my own Waldorf Salad for a little extra texture. Fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous

    I know they’re good, my daughter uses them, but I live alone and they are not practical for one meal.

    • Tanya

      I forwarded your request to HelloFresh. You can always do that yourself too :). I’m glad you like them.

  • N/A

    What about a single living person

  • sacha Guppy

    We loved ordering Hello fresh as it took us out of our cooking comfort zone. An issue did arise when my daughter became a vegetarian and our choices then narrowed. We turned to Mindful chef but vegetarian meals seemed less healthy and diverse too. We are hoping meal kit companies will expand the veg options. I am not veg but I do think we all need to eat less meat for many reasons.