Why Pasta Evangelists Are the UK’s Most-Loved Artisan Pasta

by Tanya December 04, 2019
pasta evangelists review

Fresh pasta is one of the best comfort foods in the world, especially during the winter.

It’s filling, utterly delicious and perfect for any mood or occasion.

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to get hold of the good quality fresh pasta in regular UK supermarkets. Most of the supermarket pastas labelled as ‘fresh’ are frozen and made to last for several weeks and taste nothing like the delicious stuff you can find in Italy.

Pasta Evangelists make (hands down) the best pasta in the UK

Thankfully, these days you can buy anything online and Pasta Evangelists are here to deliver fresh 5-star artisan pasta straight to your home.

Each meal kit comes with fresh handmade pasta, authentic Italian sauces and garnishes as well as an easy-to-follow recipe. The dishes take about 5 minutes to prepare… so it’s perfect for those who don’t feel like cooking but are craving a fancy restaurant-quality pasta.

Pasta Evangelists are a way better alternative to a greasy takeaway or supermarket pasta. The taste and texture trumps even authentic Italian restaurants I’ve tried in London.

My experience with Pasta Evangelists

The first time I tried Pasta Evangelists, I fell in love!

The beef and black truffle tortellini dish is out of this world! Once served you really are hit with the freshest and most powerful of flavours. The flavour combinations in sauce mix is an experience in itself. Absolute heaven!

Seriously, all pasta-lovers need to try the beef and black truffle tortellini, at least once 😋

You can click on this link to get an exclusive 50% off your first Pasta Evangelists order. Give it a go – you’re very welcome 😉

All their dishes take about 5 minutes to cook but are so satisfying. Portions are really generous too, which is great for those (like me) who like to indulge in good food.

Their website is super easy to navigate, too. You can choose a delivery date and time slot and receive text alerts for when your pasta is on its way.

Pasta Evangelists have really spiced up my weekly dinner routine. I’m now looking forward to indulging in some interesting flavours and different types of pasta I have never tried before.

Update: The folks at Pasta Evangelists are extending an exclusive offer to my readers! Follow this link to get 50% off your first order


This article contains affiliate links. Affiliate links mean that if you click through to Pasta Evangelists and purchase a discounted offer, I get a commission from that sale at no extra cost to you. All opinions and reviews are my own. I would never recommend anything I haven’t tried or don’t like.

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