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by Tanya December 23, 2017

As someone, who often needs a mental break from a hectic work schedule, I love going to theatre.

I remember my first West End show in 2013 – a self-indulgently sarcastic comedy slash musical “The Book of Mormon”, which keeps you in the state of euphoric laughter for 2.5 hours non-stop. (A total must-see!)

Even though, I found the tickets to “The Book of Mormon” on sale, I remember it took a lot of time and stress shifting through all the sites to find the best offer.

It was unnecessarily complicated.

No more hassle buying tickets

TodayTix is a one-stop-shop for culture in London with all the plays, comedy, musicals and even opera.

Since I started using this service, I’ve saved myself hours of time scouring the Internet and lining up for tickets.

They provide last minute offers for the most sought after (and expensive) shows in the West End.

They also have full price tickets available anywhere from same-day to up to a month in advance for all the top productions.

Choose your section & avoid rip-off fees

Last month I bought tickets for the musical “Wicked” for £20 each.

You can choose your section on the website (which is not something many sites offer), meaning you are guaranteed to never get a partial view.

We decided to sit in the Dress Circle, (typically the best area to sit in) and we had a perfect view of the entire stage.

When booking, TodayTix gives you transparent & fair pricing. I checked other sites to compare, and the difference in cost for the same show/same day/similar seat was £6-£12.

You can also download their free app, which lets you quickly grab rush tickets while at work and be living the high life by 8pm at one of London’s top shows.

Theatre is better than Netflix

I’d choose theatre any day over Netflix.

Because when you enter a theatre, it’s like going into a different world, and your own world completely ceases to exist for two hours.

It helps you learn profound life lessons and it’s more therapeutic than movies.

Theatre is also just great excuse not to plop in front of Netflix after work every night and get some truer experiences from time to time.

I now try to get to a show every month and I even get credit for signing up my friends.

My experience with the app has been flawless from start to finish.

With no wait, no hassle and no hidden fees.

Update: Check out TodayTix right away to get the best tickets for your favourite shows!

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