Why Generation Y Is Awesome?

Generation Y, also called Millennials, generally refer to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and the 2000.

But it is more the matter of attitude and personal characteristics, than just a plain year of birth.

Millennials are generally regarded as being more open-minded, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living.

Generation Y has been shaped by the technological revolution that occurred throughout their youth. Gen Y grew up with technology, so being connected and tech savvy is in their DNA. Technological fluency is like a foreign language – you can try and learn it during your life, but you are will never be comparable with a native!

Researches show that Millennial brains are different from older generation – their brain can process information quicker, which makes them more suited for nowadays fast-paced tech world.

Some Millennials go through many adolescent periods during their life and can still figure themselves out at the age of 30. They may have studied several subjects, lived and worked in different countries, and run back to their parents every time they faced a problem. Millennials’ adventures lifestyle is supported by conservative and financially comfortable Baby Boomers parents.

We are sometimes referred to “misunderstood” generation, but what comes off as narcissistic, is really just a reflection of millennials’ desire to make a big impact and improve the world.

We want a innovative work place (flexible/freelance/home-working opporutnities, ping-pong tabel and chill-out rooms in the office) and work-life balance. Critics can call us spoilt, we call it smart, because we are the first generation in a while believing in a better life. After all, we grew up seeing our Baby Boomer parents working days and nights and we want difference.

Research shows, that we will be playing leadership roles in corporations in the not too distant future — even though we don’t seem well-suited for it today.

Whether the world is ready for us or not, here we come – you better start accommodate our quirky, unconventional tastes.

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