A Women Gives Away 10% Of Her Money To Random People! Why?

A Women Gives Away 10% Of Her Money To Random People! Why?

by Tanya February 20, 2014

I actually read Marlen’s story a few months ago and it really stuck with me.

People who think bigger than themselves have always inspired me.

I believe that there is more to life than us and our needs. We are here to contribute to something bigger.

Estonian Marlen Annabel is an ordinary girl, who does something extraordinary. She gives away considerable chunk of her monthly income to people she meets day to day.

Why? Because she believes that money won’t disappear anywhere. Money is always floating around, but the problem is, that it is unequally distributed. Marlen wants to change the world by starting with her herself.

She calls her little project ‘Donation Account’ in which she puts 10% of her monthly salary.

She then withdraws this 10% in cash and carries it around in small notes to spontanously give away to people day to day.

With this gesture she …

a) shows appreciation and gratitude of what she has, and

b) trusts the universe enough to know she will have again

Marlen wants to make the world less selfish and kinder. She enjoys seeing smiles on people’s faces when she gives them unexpectedly generous tips or buys them food they can’t afford.

But ultimately she does it because she feels that she has enough to help others and this is the biggest stepping stone people need to overcome. We all have enough with which to help, we are just conditioned to think that we don’t. We are scared that we will run out money and we don’t trust the universe.


“The best story was when I was queuing to buy strawberries at the market and an older lady standing in front of me said that 6 EUR was too much for her to pay, then I just gave her the money. What happened next was hysterical – she ran to me hugging and said that she doesn’t know how to thank me. Then I said that it’s okey, this is how things are – I help you, you help somebody else and that somebody else helps somebody else.”

There are many people on the streets asking money for food. Usually people just ignore them, but Marlen happily comes closer and gives them not just enough for a sandwich, but also for a coke.

“I think that we all actually have enough to help others and we should do it more often, because when you are being treated nicely, you feel like treating others nicely, too and then those others treat another others nicely and the chain is endless. It’s really so easy to make a world a better place – it all start with that decision to give.”

She says that since she’s started the ‘Donation account’, she attracts more money from different sources without consciously doing anything.

Her simple yet powerful message touched me back then and I have started giving more.

It usually happens when I have had a good day and I feel like I want others to feel good, too. I equally gave when I didn’t have a job, because deep down I knew that I’m going to be alright.

I now have work I love and giving hasn’t made me poor.

Thank you, Marlen, for inspiration!

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