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The Ultimate List of Millennial Characteristics

Mainstream media has drawn a picture of Millennials as lazy, narcissistic, and entitled selfie-lovers. To balance out the perception, I've listed a more unbiased view of Millennial characteristics backed up by some research below. This list is an ongoing work, which eventually should morph into "The Ultimate List Of All Millennial Characteristics You Can Think [...]

Millennial Facts

UK Millennial facts 1. Millennials are making up a quarter of the UK population - there were around 16.8 million 18-36 years old in the UK. 3. Millennials will spend £44,000 more on rent than their parents did by 30. Only 42% of UK Millennials own their own home [Resolution Foundation 2016] "Today’s 30-year-olds are [...]

Definition of Millennials

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, is a generational cohort born roughly between the years of 1980 to 2000. Millennials are young adults aged 16-34. Like every other generation, Millennials have experienced the same significant events during their lifetime, which have shaped their attitudes and beliefs. Every generation, Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z ,Baby Boomers [...]

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