About Tanya

Hey, I’m Tanya.

In December 2013 I was fortunately made redundant from the job that bored me to tears.

That night I laid in my bed and dreamed of starting a blog.

I wanted to inspire people to be free & happy in a world of bullshit jobs.

We, Millennials are so fortunate to live in one of the most ground-breaking transitions in the history of work. We are moving away from secure and stable career ladders to more fulfilling, flexible lifestyle work  – all thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

I want to help you to find work that means something more to you than a pay-check, something that is beyond traditional 9-5. A work that fits your character and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Because, let’s get this out of the way …

What it means to be successful has changed.

Living to work is not really that appealing. We’d rather have more time to pursue other interests & spend it with people we love.

That’s why we’re asking for flexi-time.

That’s why there is no longer a job for life.

That’s why we, as a generation, are seen as so entitled.

We want more from life than a pay-check  & we are not sorry.

Below are some publications that have written about us:


The Guardian


Daily Express

ABC News

The Drum

Social Media Week

I offer consultancy and public speaking services.

Previous consultancy & speaking experience:

  • November 2014 – The Next Generation of Global Consumers event “Engaging Millennials”
  • March 2015 – Brand vs Millennial panel by Slalom Consulting – “Adapting to Millennials 
  • September 2015 – Brighton SEO – “How To Master Digital PR”
  • March 2016 – Executive workshop – “How to attract & retain millennial employees?”
  • June 2016 – Welsh Contact Centre Forum – “The new American Dream: Millennials at work”
  • September 2017 – Millennial brand consultant for ASK Italian restaurant
  • October 2017 – Barclays Emerge Diversity Network – “Mind The Generation Gap”
  • March 2018 – An advisory panel “The Next On-the-Go Product for Millennials” for Go To Market Pros

Pick my brain and expertise! Email me at tanya@luckyattitude.co.uk


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