Hey, I’m Tanya.

In 2013 I was fortunately made redundant from the job that bored me to tears.

That night I laid in my bed and decided to take back control of my life.

So I started this blog to inspire people, like myself, to be free & happy in a world of meaningless jobs.

You can (and you should) find purpose through your work, not in spite of it. I believe that work is your biggest opportunity for life satisfaction & happiness, so why settle for mediocrity?

As a generation, we are incredibly lucky to benefit from the biggest transformation in the history of work, where we are moving away from secure and stable one-track careers to more fulfilling, flexible work, that fits the life we want to live.

– all thanks to the wonderful Internet.

This blog will help you:

1. Find a job on *your* terms

2. Start & grow profitable blog or an online business from scratch

Because, let’s get this straight …

What it means to be successful has changed.

Living to work is not really that appealing. We’d rather have more time to pursue other interests & spend it with people we love.

That’s why we’re asking for flexi-time.

That’s why there is no longer a job for life.

That’s why we, as a generation, are seen as so entitled.

We want more from life than a pay-check & we are not sorry.

Pick my brain & expertise – tanya@luckyattitude.co.uk


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