Hey, I’m Tanya and I accidentally became the first Millennial blogger in the UK.

A few words about my background…

In 2013 I was fortunately made redundant from the job that bored me to tears.

I’ve always felt disconnected from the traditional 9-5 workforce, but 2013 was the turning point.

I wanted to do something meaningful and energizing, but I was clueless about where to start and how to get there.

The good thing, I wasn’t alone.

There were tons of Millennial bloggers in the US writing about similar problems I had, but there was nothing like that in the UK.

So I started this blog to become the voice of my generation in the UK.

As a generation, we are incredibly lucky to benefit from the biggest transformation in the history of work,

where we are moving away from secure and stable one-track careers to more fulfilling, flexible work, that fits the life we want to live.

– all thanks to the wonderful Internet.

I hope you enjoy your stay here,

Tanya x

Pick my brain & expertise – tanya@luckyattitude.co.uk


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  • Frederick Hammond

    Hi Tanya,
    your story is truly inspiring. I wish you the very best.

    • Tanya

      Thank you 🙂

  • Michael

    Tanya I really admire your stance and wish all the luck in the world for the jobs you will find

  • Marie Puddu

    Thank you for lots of insights. I wish I knew your last name so I could source your articles correctly. – Best, Marie

  • Susan

    Thank you for blogging on this topic. One of 2 of my millennial children have become estranged due to her imaginary narrative of us as conservative boomers lacking soul. She’s come to this due to where we live and our lifestyle we worked hard for. We’ve been stereotyped into this for mysterious reasons. Refuses discussion or therapy with us. Hurtful. We were always progressive.