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All Your Mortgage Questions Answered

Don’t sign documents you can’t understand.

We’re All in Business of Attention: How B2B Became B2H

95% of our buying decisions are emotional, not logical.

Why Millennials Are Killing The Diamond Industry?

Diamonds aren’t Millennials’ best friends.

The High Cost Of Cheap Clothing – Worth It?

To what extent are we willing to allow this?

Road Trips Are On The Rise With Millennials

Road trip is a journey, not a destination.

On-The-Go Lifestyle Of Frantic Millennials

Sentimental times – an antidote to pathological busyness.

How Many Millennials There Are In The UK? (2017)

Quarter of the UK population, 16.8 million.

How Millennials Are Redefining The Food Market?

There are 350% more vegans in the UK than 10 years ago.

What Makes Facebook The Best Ad Platform Ever?

Facebook has 1000s ad targeting parameters.

Why HelloFresh Is So Big In The UK

We’re all so knackered.

Millennials: Spoilt Or Misunderstood Consumers?

When did speaking out become entitlement?

How To Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates?

Customer loyalty is not about repeat purchases.

Millennials Redefined Global Travel! Completely.

A pleasant pool and bistro are no longer enough.

The Self-Employed Mindset Makes You Smarter With Money

Pretend you’re self-employed.


Network in an effortless environment in the heart of Shoreditch.

Will Millennials Turn Up To The Most Controversial Election In The US History?

The enthusiasm for the future is low.

Bidvine: A New On-Demand Marketplace For (Almost) EVERYTHING

Bidvine is Tinder for local services! (+hypnotherapy experience)

Thinking Of Investing Into Stocks & Shares? Good!

‘Cause cash won’t keep pace with inflation.

UK Youth Trends Report 2016: Top 3 Insights

Brands, look beyond “starting a conversation”, don’t limit yourself to clicktivism.

How Millennials Have Transformed The Aspirational Lifestyle?

We don’t want authenticity, we want freaking romance.

“Millennial Marketing” Isn’t Defined By Age Group

The dot-com bubble burst in 2002, when we were teens.

Keeping Up With The Millennials: Voxburner #YMS16

Go, see, mingle with Airbnb, McDonald’s etc. Just use a code LUCKY10 when buying a ticket.

Millennials And Cars – No Longer The Status Symbol!

We have other status symbols.

Branded Content Has An Advertising Problem

Do people actually share branded content?

Why Attend Youth Marketing Strategy LDN In March 2016?

Event backed up by research, not opinions.

Experiential Marketing – Because Social Media Isn’t Real

Experiences are.

The Best Millennial Blogs (Resource)

Don’t get a real job.

Adapting To Millennials: Discussion By Slalom

I discussed Millennials with Coca-Cola, eBay, Google and Louis Vuitton.

Scenes Of Reason: A Start-up Decoding News For Millennials

I’m coming out. I don’t understand the news.

Travel Is A Basic Need, Not A Luxury – Thanks To Millennials

Travel – the only thing I safe for. The only thing that makes me feel truly alive.

VIDEOS: The Next Generation of Global Consumers Event

“I actually don’t care about brands being cool, …” The video of the funnest woking day of 2014 …

PHOTOS: Next Generation Of Global Consumers Event

Let our people do the talking …

HALF WAY THROUGH: The Next Generation Of Global Consumers

The last two week’s progress has been unbelievable! We have companies like Mashable, Instagram and Facebook show interest in the event.