Everything You Know About Work Is A Scam

by Tanya September 03, 2016 Make money online, The future of office

How is this your agenda? You have to rethink how you do your job.

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Why Rewards Actually Demotivate You? (Scientific Proof!)

by Tanya September 02, 2016 The future of office

Rewards turn play into work.

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Will Millennials Turn Up To The Most Controversial Election In The US History?

by Tanya August 24, 2016 Millennials as consumers

The enthusiasm for the future is low.

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Bidvine: A New On-Demand Marketplace For (Almost) EVERYTHING

by Tanya August 17, 2016 Millennials as consumers

Bidvine is Tinder for local services! (+hypnotherapy experience)

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Self-Employment Is Growing Among The UK Millennials

by Tanya July 29, 2016 Make money online

"I have greater job security as a freelancer!" - 87% of UK graduates find freelancing appealing.

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British Millennials Furious About Brexit Demand A 2nd Chance

by Tanya June 24, 2016 Make money online, The future of office

We're f****d.

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Thinking Of Investing Into Stocks & Shares? Good!

by Tanya May 25, 2016 Millennials as consumers

'Cause cash won’t keep pace with inflation.

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Can You Make Good Money Without Managing People?

by Tanya May 12, 2016 The future of office

No individual should have a say on another person's pay, job title or promotion!

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UK Youth Trends Report 2016: Top 3 Insights

by Tanya April 17, 2016 Millennials as consumers

Brands, look beyond "starting a conversation", don’t limit yourself to clicktivism.

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How Millennials Have Transformed The Aspirational Lifestyle?

by Tanya April 13, 2016 Millennials as consumers

We don't want authenticity, we want freaking romance.

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Does Financial Service Industry Have A “Millennial” Problem?

by Tanya March 17, 2016 Make money online

Email me for workshop or speaking engagement opportunities.

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“Millennial Marketing” Isn’t Defined By Age Group

by Tanya February 28, 2016 Millennials as consumers

The dot-com bubble burst in 2002, when we were teens.

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How Millennials Differ From The Other Generations? (Things You Didn’t Know)

by Tanya January 31, 2016 The future of office

Millennials work hard, but only when it benefits them.

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On Confidence In Public Speaking

by Tanya January 19, 2016 Flexible & freelance work

I said "I don't know" and it was fine.

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Keeping Up With The Millennials: Voxburner #YMS16

by Tanya December 13, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Go, see, mingle with Airbnb, McDonald's etc. Just use a code LUCKY10 when buying a ticket.

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Millennials And Cars – No Longer The Status Symbol!

by Tanya December 08, 2015 Millennials as consumers

We have other status symbols.

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Branded Content Has An Advertising Problem

by Tanya November 29, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Do people actually share branded content?

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Busy Trying To Become Who I Am: On Being A Millennial

by Tanya October 28, 2015 Make money online

We deserve to find fulfillment through work, not in spite of it.

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NEWS: 66% of UK Millennials Want Career Change

by Tanya October 25, 2015 The future of office

Millennials leave jobs for more money, Gen X’s leave for better work-life balance.

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Why Attend Youth Marketing Strategy LDN In March 2016?

by Tanya October 20, 2015 Millennials as consumers

Event backed up by research, not opinions.

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