7 Tasty Snacks That are Surprisingly Healthy

by Tanya September 21, 2021
7 Tasty Snacks That are Surprisingly Healthy

Healthy snacks are great for people who want to maintain a healthy diet but don’t always have the time or energy to cook. This article describes seven tasty and surprisingly healthy snack options that you can grab on your way out the door in the morning.

Celery sticks

Celery has been accused over recent years because it is often seen as an old food item due to its association with boiled dinners. However, celery contains fewer calories than many other foods and, as such, makes a great healthy snack. Also, celery has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to help clear the lungs. No wonder many smokers love it because of its strong flavor that counteracts some of the harmful effects that smoking causes.

Granola bars

While they usually contain more sugar than we would like, granola bars are often filled with seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. This makes them an excellent source of fiber and protein. Thus, an ideal snack between meals when you need something substantial but straightforward to keep your energy levels. You can find recipes for homemade granola bars online if you prefer healthier versions with no additives or preservatives. Hence, do not write off these bars as unhealthy to eat. Make sure you read the ingredients list first before chowing down!

Dried fruits and nuts

Dried fruit makes an excellent snack because it takes longer to eat than fresh fruit, so you tend to feel fuller without consuming as many calories. When shopping, ensure you get dried fruits with no added sugar. Why? Because, for instance, dried berries have about the same amount of carbohydrates per serving as their fresh counterparts.

There are so many types of nuts out there – all full of goodness! They’ve been linked with lower cholesterol levels as well as improved brain function. Try adding them into your salads for extra crunchiness and protein.

Hummus, olives, and carrots

For a fourth healthy choice, you could try some hummus topped off by olives and carrots dipped into it (or even celery). The combination of these three ingredients tastes excellent together. They’re all familiar yet exciting flavors at once when mixed up this way. It may sound odd to have vegetables atop something so creamy but trust me, it’s good!

Jelly Beans

They’re low calorie, provide a quick boost of energy & contain antioxidants that help fight wrinkles. Jelly beans are undoubtedly fun and tasty. Not to mention their sweetness comes from glucose which is one of the body’s preferred sources of fuel. Thus, it can save you time when looking for snacks.

Spinach and kale chips

Kale and spinach are both super healthy leafy greens packed with nutrients. If you’ve ever wanted a healthier way to eat your favorite green veggies, then here’s the answer.

Apple with peanut butter

An apple dipped into peanut butter may seem like nothing special. But it adds another depth to the taste bud experience—the sweet tartness from this healthy snack compliments all kinds of different flavors. Thus, adding yet another exciting layer to your snacking experience.

Also, apple slices make a great snack any time of day because they contain soluble fiber, which slows digestion. Therefore, your body absorbs fewer calories as well as insoluble fiber. This helps keep things moving through your digestive tract while also prevent cancer by trapping toxins before they can reach the rest of your body. You’ll also get a nice boost in Vitamin C, which is vital for immunity and skin health, among other things!

Banana and almond butter

The creamy texture of almond butter mixed with ripe bananas creates a satisfying combination perfect for breakfast when paired with some toast or oats.

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to what they like and don’t enjoy eating. But the above options are a great place to start if you’re looking for healthy snacks that taste good!

Final thought

Healthy snacking is vital in helping people maintain overall health. These tasty treats prove how easy it can be to eat well without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food every day. Check out these seven yummy choices today!

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