Bored In London? Adventurous Things To Do In The Midlands

by Tanya August 15, 2023

The Midlands – a region steeped in history, heritage, and… high-octane escapades.

For those with a spark of daring and a desire to seize the day, the Midlands isn’t just a cultural gem; it’s a thrill-seeker’s wonderland.

Here’s an overview of the treasures awaiting the intrepid adventurer:

Paramotoring experience: wings of freedom and a camera to boot

Have you dreamt of flying like a bird, soaring freely above landscapes with the world beneath your feet?

Paramotoring in the Midlands is your ticket to that dream.

For the uninitiated, imagine paragliding, but with a motor. That means you’re not just drifting; you’re steering your course.

Feel the rush of wind against your skin, the exhilarating sensation of defying gravity, and watch as the patchwork quilt of the Midlands spreads below you.

This experience includes in-flight photography. So, while you’re busy pinching yourself to believe the magic, the camera will capture these memories, turning fleeting moments into lifelong treasures.

iFLY indoor skydiving experience: Bear Grylls edition

When Bear Grylls endorses an adventure, you know it’s not your everyday thrill.

At iFLY, the indoors transform into a skydiver’s paradise.

With powerful gusts simulating the experience of freefall, you’re in for a float, twist, and turn that mimics a real skydive, minus the plane and the daunting height.

For those feeling particularly audacious, there’s the additional challenge option: navigate through hoops, make formations, or even attempt some aerial tricks. It’s not just skydiving; it’s an aerial dance, with you as the star.

Bear Grylls snorkel experience: dive into the unknown

The Midlands, far from any oceanic coast, might seem an odd place for a snorkelling adventure. But, oh, how appearances can be deceiving!

Dive into purpose-built environments, where the water is crystal clear, and you’re the explorer of this submerged wonderland.

Flit between aquatic plants, discover hidden nooks and come face to face with curious fish.

For the brave-hearted, the additional challenge option offers deeper dives and maybe even a playful encounter with the unexpected! You can witness this experience on WonderDays.

Zombie survival day experience: a test of nerves and strategy

Put down the video games, because this is not a drill!

The Zombie Survival Day Out Immersive Experience is an immersive experience that pits you against the undead, and it’s as real as it gets without actual zombies.

Navigate through post-apocalyptic terrains, hatch plans, form alliances, and keep your wits about you. Beyond the make-up and costumes, it’s a true test of teamwork, resourcefulness, and courage. Can you survive the day?

Segway rally experience: the green ride of your life

What’s better than an open-air ride through the picturesque Midlands?

Doing it on a Segway! This isn’t just about transportation; it’s an adventure in itself. Learn the art of balancing, manoeuvring, and cruising on these futuristic devices.

The Segway Rally Experience For Two, designed for two, means you won’t be alone. Challenge a friend, race against a partner, or simply enjoy a leisurely roll – the trails of the Midlands are your playground.

High ropes with Bear Grylls experience: swing, leap, and conquer

The canopy awaits, and it’s not for the light-hearted. The High Ropes Challenge beckons those with a head for heights and a heart for adventure.

Swing from platforms, balance on precarious beams, leap towards suspended nets – all while being safely harnessed, of course. With each step, the world below seems both distant and spectacular.

The best part? The sense of achievement with each conquered obstacle.

There’s no denying it – the Midlands is not just a place of serene lakes and historic tales. It’s an adventure lover’s dream come true.

If there’s one thing to take from the audacious spirit of Virgin, it’s this: life’s an adventure, waiting to be lived.

So, dust off those adventure boots and dive right into the heart of the Midlands. The stories you’ll gather are ones you’ll tell for a lifetime.

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