4 Benefits of Laser Body Hair Removal For Your Skin

by Tanya September 03, 2021

It is time to switch to laser body hair removal treatment and ditch the traditional methods.


Well, apart from being hairless and feeling cleaner, laser body hair removal has a lot of benefits for your skin (compared to traditional body hair removal methods).

These benefits include:

1. You will not be subject to harsh chemicals

Cold wax strips, hot wax, or shaving cream – the chemical-based products that you had to use to get rid of body hair often left you with irritated skin. By switching to pain-free Laser Hair Removal treatment, you will be doing yourself and your skin a favour as the treatment does not involve the usage of any chemicals.

2. There is no recovery time for this treatment

Compared to traditional body hair removal procedures such as shaving or waxing, laser body hair removal does not have any recovery time.

I’m sure there have been instances where you had to take a break from your work after you badly nicked your skin while shaving body hair from that area.

Or that time when your skin started to hurt pretty badly, started to swell, and got irritated after you used hot wax or cold wax strips to rip off body hair from your skin.

You don’t have to worry about it with laser body hair removal treatment to get rid of body hair even from the ‘difficult to reach’ and extremely sensitive areas of your body such as the bikini line or your groins.

3. No more ingrown hairs

Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal unlike traditional body hair removal methods, do not leave you with ugly ingrown hairs on the treated areas of your skin.

Ingrown hairs can often get out of control and leave you with painful bumps on your skin that are sensitive to the touch as they are filled with pus and a thick body hair strand that pokes on the sensitive layers of your skin beneath the primary layer.

Switch to Laser body hair removal and bid farewell to ingrown hair forever!

4. There are no risks or pain

Laser body hair removal is a risk-free procedure which is why you can slip out of your office at lunch break, get this treatment done and get back to work – it is as simple as that.

On top of this, your skin will not sustain any damages as the procedure is painless. Sure, you will feel something when the laser beam hits the surface of your skin but that feeling will be similar to a rubber band snapping against your skin – that’s it!


Laser hair removal has come a long way. Today, it is not just a treatment for the wealthy, but an accessible, safe option for many women around the world. Therapie Clinic offers laser hair removal sessions starting at only £9.95. You can search their site to find the nearest clinic to you. They have dozen of clinics in major cities across England, Ireland, and Scotland.

For the best results, always get your treatment at a reputable clinic that has been offering its services for a long time.

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