Bidvine: A New On-Demand Marketplace For (Almost) EVERYTHING

by Tanya August 17, 2016

Launched last summer, Bidvine is the UK’s fastest growing local services marketplace, connecting customers with professionals with 500 services across fitness & wellness, learning, events, home improvement and maintenance across the UK.

Getting things done is awesome, and wasn’t technology supposed to help with things like that, anyway?

Well, Bidvine is your one-stop-shop to get things done as quickly and professionally as possible.

It’s like Tinder, but for local services!

How does Bidvine work?

Bidvine is the fast, free way to get competing quotes for local services from interested, available professionals.

Bidvine does the legwork and takes away the hassle on behalf of both parties – a customer and a service provider. It enables users on both sides of the equation to liberate their time by making it easier to find the right professional or your next customer.

Bidvine for customers

It’s absolutely free to use for customers.

Think of Bidvine as your free personal assistant for finding local service providers and getting things done. It effectively takes the searching element out of trying to find the right person for the job!

Just go to bidvine.com homepage.

Type in the service you need done and sit back.

Bidvine then farms out your request to the right qualified professionals on their database, and in about 20-40 minutes you receive quotes from up to 5 different professionals in your area.

You can then view their credentials and reviews and hire your favourite one.

You will pay the professional directly and that’s it.

Bidvine for professionals

Kazouk Fit-0 – Bidvine

Bidvine does not charge any type of registration or monthly subscription fee. Professionals can sign up to the site for free.

Bidvine will send you requests from consumers in your area. If you are interested in any of the jobs, you can simply send a quote to the consumer. A small charge is applied when you submit your quote.

This gives you a complete control over your marketing spend.

From the professional’s perspective, Bidvine is the best cost-per-lead marketing option that brings new customers to you directly. You are being introduced to new customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales and marketing efforts.

After many conversations with service providers, Bidvine noticed a common theme: professionals don’t particularly enjoy marketing and would rather focus on their craft & billable hours, than searching for their next job.

These common pain points led Bidvine to the solution of a Cost Per Accepted Lead (CPAL), where professionals view all incoming leads (i.e. consumer requests) for free – and only pay to get in touch with leads that they are interested in. Moreover, if the lead doesn’t read your message (i.e. quote) – that cost is refunded.

As a marketer, if you told me there was a way to get a steady stream of relevant prospective customers that I could cherry pick from and be guaranteed that they would see my message, I would be all over it.

My experience with Bidvine

Bidvine kindly contributed £100 towards the service of my choice in exchange for a review.

As for a typical Millennial, who would rather try a new exciting experience than buy “stuff”, this offer came at the right time as I was trying to brainstorm with unconvential birthday gift/experience ideas for my friend.

After browsing around Bidvine, I stumbled upon hypnotherapy and I instantly knew that this was exactly the kind of thing my adventurous and spiritual friend would love to try, so I went ahead and birthday-surprised him with a 60 minute hypnotherapy session.

There are many reasons people try hypnotherapy:  managing anxiety or stress, overcoming an addiction, resolving specific fear or phobia, weight loss or simply improving your life by figuring out what you really want.

So really, we all would benefit from clarity and focus to better our lives.

After having his session, Matt said he felt sleepy but surprisingly alert at the same time. He also reported having more energy in the morning and the ability to focus better throughout the day.

The experience itself was surreal, he thought, and he certainly feels ongoing benefits to his life.

As of me, I still had £50 left to spend with Bidvine after Matt’s session.

As a hopeless hedonist, there’s nothing I LOVE more than unapologetic self-love, so I went ahead and fulfilled my selfish desire with strong sports massage.

Bidvine massage

The process for finding and booking the massage therapist was seamless. I typed in my post code and a word “massage” into the search box and it took about 15 minutes to get quotes from five different practitioners and pick my favourite one.

I chose Sergii Mazunin, who is working at Lloyd’s Wellbeing Centre. His treatment was just as strong and thorough as I like it.

I would recommend Bidvine for anyone who needs anything done quickly (handyman, painting, decorating, man with a van, furniture assembly, cleaning), but also for those who, like me, love to indulge in some serious self-love 🙂

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