Buying a Designer Shoulder Bag Without Going Broke

by Tanya October 09, 2020

Some of us are obsessed with certain types of accessories.

Be it jewellery. Shoes. Or designer sunglasses.

.. and there are those who have an envy-inducing collection of designer shoulder bags. Prada. Moschino. YSL. Chanel.

If you aspire to buy a precious designer bag that will elevate your whole look, these 3 questions below will help you make the best decision when choosing your perfect bag:

1. Think about what you will use this bag for

This might seem obvious to some but if you are a true bag-lover, the chances are you will get blinded by the beauty of a new and shiny piece that you simply HAVE to have.

Then when it arrives and you consider pairing it with a multitude of different outfits or for different events, it never seems quite right. And that beautiful bag spends far too long hidden away in a wardrobe instead of being paraded for all to see.

Consider when you might think you might want to use the bag and what you would wear it with before you purchase and you’ll avoid wasting your money.

For example, if you’re someone who always needs a ton of stuff with you, even to nip and run a few errands, you probably won’t get much use out of a tiny shoulder bag so opt for a bigger size.

2. Is this bag ‘you’?

Sometimes, we have a version of ourselves in our heads that we aspire to be, but the reality of turning ourselves into that person is a little harder than anticipated.

It might be tempting to buy a shoulder bag that you might think the aspirational view of you would carry but if you feel ridiculous every time you pick it up, you simply won’t use it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying new things and pushing boundaries so you definitely should be daring from time to time. And sometimes, you might get something a little ‘out there’ that actually you end up using all the time because you love it so much, so don’t rule anything out.

Picture yourself using it and if you like the image – go for it!

3. Is this bag within your budget?

Designer bags are so desirable that it is easy to just forget about the cost and buy it anyway.

After all, they are generally great quality, will stand the test of time style-wise, and will therefore be a good value for money in the long run.

But if it is going to leave you in difficulty afterward, it’s not the wisest thing to do!

There are a couple of options though; you can save up long enough to be able to afford it or you can find a decent retailer online that sells them slightly cheaper than the RRP. For example, Hush Style is an online retailer that offers up to 50% off designer bags and clothes. That’s an amazing bargain.

Buying a shoulder bag can be an exciting shopping experience and if you follow this guide, you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse after you get your’s home!

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