Coronavirus: Simple Ways to Help and Give Back

by Tanya April 23, 2021
Coronavirus how to help

It’s easy to feel powerless during COVID-19, but you can make a difference. Here are some ways to help and give back.

In this article, we will cover some simple ways you can give back and help those already facing disadvantages.

We are all affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, whether by the virus itself, government restrictions, or the economic uncertainty it is causing. Many of us are doing what we can to support others in our communities, by helping those who are unwell or cannot get out and about.

As one of the most compassionate and socially conscious generation in history, Millennials know that each one of us plays a role in making the world a better place.

While many have lost jobs and careers over the past 12 months, growing self-employment among Millennials means that we are in a better position than most and if you can help, and you want to help, then you should help.

Also – finding ways to give back during COVID-19 will help lower your own anxiety and stress, boost your mood, and give you a sense of purpose during this difficult time.

Connect with your immediate community

The easiest way to give back is by reaching out to the people you know. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, and relatives can all benefit from a friendly text or video call.

It may seem like a small gesture, but don’t underestimate the positive impact of checking up on someone. Start with those who might feel vulnerable right now.

Call your mom and dad.

Call your nan.

Call your best friend.

Call your favourite colleague.

Call a friend with who you haven’t spoken to in ages.

Ask an elderly neighbour if they need help picking up groceries.

Local social media groups or sites like Facebook or Nextdoor can help put you in touch with people in need in your area.

Send flowers to someone abroad

Flowers are the symbol of unconditional love. It feels a bit more personal and sensitive than the average gift.

There are a wide variety of flowers you can choose from, but make sure you pick the ones the special someone would like. 

There are companies that can ship your chosen bouquet to anywhere in the world, so you can send flowers to Milan for example, and have them delivered just in time for that special day.

Personalise the bunch with an added touch of chocolate or teddy bears, and you’ll definitely put a smile on that face 🙂

Volunteer your time

Some of the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in our society suffered immensely from the beginning of the Covid. Strict social distancing measures, underfunding and government-imposed isolation meant that many people who depend on one-on-one care simply didn’t get the attention they needed.

The impact of being ill-prepared and mismanaged meant that governments all over the world had to quickly prioritise help and funding allocation to different sectors and unfortunately social care for adults was not one of those priorities.

The effects of this have led to a call for volunteers to help out with health and social care, while induction training will be provided and might be needed now more than ever since a recent study suggests that certain neurological conditions will affect those who have survived the illness.

Donate money or items

There are always ways to donate with or without spending money.

☸ Money. If you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job during the pandemic and have extra funds to share, consider donating to hospitals/health centers, charities that provide housing, financial assistance, or food. Or go to GoFundMe fundraisers for essential workers impacted by COVID-19 or families who are struggling following illness or death.

☸ Food. With more people out of work, demand for food banks is expected to rise. At the same time, panic-buying and hoarding have reduced supplies. Supporting your local food banks will help close the gap. While the best way to support food banks is through financial assistance so they can purchase what they need, you can also help by donating non-perishables like peanut butter, canned goods, pasta, rice, and beans.

☸ Clothes. Spending more time at home might give you a good opportunity to clean out your closet or take on other de-cluttering projects.  Some clothing shops still accept clothes via mail. Just research the ones in your area to see what their practices are.

☸ Computers. Since schools, offices, and libraries are closed, many of us have to rely on Internet access from home. But not everyone has a personal computer. Encourage your company to take part if it’s possible.

Help to stimulate the economy, responsibly

As lockdown eases in April 2021, responsible gathering or shopping will help to stimulate an economy in crisis. Thankfully, the warmer weather is coming in and bars, pubs, and restaurants in major cities and small towns alike will all be clamouring for business as they seek to get back on their feet.

Going to the local pub, hitting the gym, or even grabbing an ice cream along the promenade will boost and revitalize your local chamber of commerce and help bring the country back to life.

But just because restrictions are easing, doesn’t mean we should disregard and flout anti-Covid advice.

As it stands, only around half of the nation has been vaccinated with most of that being the over 50s.

Our generation hasn’t even touched the surface of vaccination yet but they will soon. Because of this, social distancing must still be maintained and respect for each other’s health kept a priority.

Let’s show some love, care, and respect to everyone – the Millennial way 😏

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