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by Tanya September 13, 2022
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It takes an effort to organise a creative corporate event that will bring everyone together.

You have to consider your culture, a brand, different personalities and age groups.

Being a Millennial, I know how important it is to bond and connect with people you’re obliged to interact professionally every day.

Sadly, the cultural norms of the majority of companies today actually work against our natural biological inclination of cooperation and belonging.

Human-beings are instinctively wired for connection and belonging. And we want to feel it at work, too.

(This is one of the reasons so many Millennials job hop – they are looking to find a place to belong.)

How to boost staff morale?

A friendly work environment is a great way to boost staff morale and productivity.

Think about it:

When we are surrounded by people we like, it’s easier to get out of bed on Monday morning and motivate ourselves to give our best at work.

Different studies show that the top 3 reasons for job satisfaction are “appreciation for your work” and “good work relationships.”

If you’re looking to organise a corporate event that takes your employees completely by surprise and is genuinely entertaining, I’d recommend to check out Party Houses. They let you rent unique party houses in the most beautiful spots across the UK & Spain.

This beauty in Somerset, UK anyone?

Or this castle in the Peak District, UK?

Or James Bond-themed party on a boat in Canary Wharf, London?

If you want to delight and surprise your employees, you need to offer something that will make them stop, put the phone down, and pay attention.

And there’s no better way to do it than create an event that is truly memorable, high-energy, and includes delicious food and drinks.

Catering companies like Caiger & Co Catering are excellent event planners since 2012. They offer bespoke concepts focused on luxury, artisan and local sourcing sets, so you can bring something more to the table.

Outdoor events are always fun, just prepare for the weather.

Depending on the temperature, you may need outdoor heaters too. Top tips for the right event flooring include considering all areas where guests will be walking, including access points, dance floors, and standing areas, and ensuring that the flooring is smooth to avoid tripping.

Another important aspect of planning an outdoor company event you should keep in mind is the proximity to toilets. If employees are required to walk a long distance to go to the toilet, it could be a real buzz kill. If the venue you’ve selected is not near any toilets, it might be well worth your while to arrange portable toilets with a toilet hire company. They are relatively affordable, and most providers deliver them and pick them up after the event.

7 collaborative team-building ideas

Below are 7 collaborative ideas that bring a wow-factor to your event’s programme.

1. Make your event a “secret”

Give people something to anticipate and look forward to by keeping the location and the theme a secret.

If a completely secret event won’t work for your company, consider using the “secret” concept to build suspense around certain elements of your event—for example, a particular speaker or  an agenda.

2.  Hire a magician

Hiring a magician is a great addition to your corporate event because magicians have incredible potential to entertain.

From card tricks to mentalism and mind-reading there is something for every taste.

(I recently attended a Christmas party, where a magician interacted with people and performed astonishing psychological tricks in small groups, which was much more personal and interesting than seeing it on a stage.)

3. Hire a comedian

Comedy and corporate events are a match made in heaven because comedy has a universal crowd appeal.

Laughter is an excellent ice-breaker and an easy way to bring a smile to people’s faces.

4. Impress with audiovisual installation

If you’re planning to have any audio or visual components at your event, but are not sure how to make it all work technically, you can hire an AV instal company. They will set up and test all the equipment beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about it on the day of the event.

They can also help with things like lighting and sound effects. 

5. Virtual reality games

You could incorporate a booth of interactive games for people to experience together.

Using a VR headset and controllers, your guests can enter a parallel universe that isn’t otherwise logistical in your venue.

VR is also highly adaptable, so you could opt for company-specific ideas that help with problem-solving and team-building tasks.

6. Themed quizzes

Quizzes are convenient, interactive and they can be easily adapted to your industry or a party theme without guests needing to move seats.

PS! You can always hire a party host, who will manage the activity, keeping it fast-paced and smooth.

7. Pass the mic to continue the story

Start off with the first sentence of a story and ask guests to pass the mic and continue the narrative.

To keep things interesting, introduce new characters and encourage attendees to react to plot twists creatively.

This is a fun improv exercise, which will get everyone to pay attention and become less self-conscious.

8. Instant photo booth

What would a corporate event be without a classic instant photo booth?

This is a simple but thoughtful idea that could be set up easily with a special drop curtain combined with favourable lighting and you’ve got budget-friendly memories and plenty of branding opportunities.

Creative product tags and other branded materials will increase brand recognition and affinity for your brand among your team and customers.

My final advice

If you’re planning a corporate event for your employees, hire nextday catering equipment

Hiring quality catering equipment allows for flexibility and cost-effectiveness, meaning that you don’t need to buy items upfront with a large investment and proceed through inefficient methods of buying and disposing of these items after use, which can incur a lot of costs in the long run.

Look after your people, and they will look after you.

Give them emotional investment and a sense of belonging they are calling for, and they will reward you with dedication, hard work and ultimately – loyalty.

Make your next event something that people will remember for years.

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