Extra Safety Measures Your Business Must Take During the Pandemic

by Tanya February 12, 2021

A worldwide pandemic might have really put a spanner in the works if you were planning to open a business, but this year, many would-be entrepreneurs have been even more determined to make things work.

While the UK is currently in lockdown once again, the promising new COVID-19 vaccine is set to be offered to the public soon, offering a glimmer of hope that things might be able to get back to normal once again very soon.

However, if you’re starting a business that’s going to be open to the public as soon as that’s safe to do so again, there are various measures to consider that apply to running a business in a pandemic that might not have been in your business plan.

Deep cleaning

You might not have budgeted for the amount of additional cleaning that you’re going to have to do in order to ensure that your customers and employees are protected as much as possible from coronavirus.

While deep cleaning was typically something that businesses did once or twice a week depending on the nature of the business, COVID-19 times call for a deep cleaning every day.

While it may seem cheaper to clean the office yourself, hiring the services of a commercial cleaning company, such as Ideal Cleaning, will leave you to focus on other essential things while knowing your workplace is thoroughly cleaned.

You’ll probably need to budget for extra cleaning supplies to make sure that your business is as hygienic as possible, and perhaps even consider adding cleaning staff to your employment budget.

Hand sanitising stations

Hand sanitising stations were not a common sight in businesses pre-COVID19, but now you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t have an option for customers to clean their hands at the front of the store.

If you’re starting a business that has a physical location and will be serving customers in-person, it’s important to think about adding an option for them to clean and sanitise their hands at the entrance.

You can get automatic hand sanitising stations that are the safest option as they don’t require customers to touch them before sanitising their hands. Don’t forget to budget for the hand sanitiser itself as you’re probably going to go through a lot.

Safety screens

Screens and clear barriers have quickly become a common sight around the country thanks to the pandemic. COVID screens can be an ideal alternative in shopping situations where social distancing is difficult, such as around the checkout area where customers and staff are going to come in close proximity of each other.

They provide a protective barrier against droplets from the mouth and throat even when people are closer than two metres together.

A decision to invest in hygiene screens around the checkout area is a great way to keep your employees as safe as possible when they are going to be coming into close contact with several people in a day.

If you want to go ahead with your plans to open a business in a physical location during the pandemic, it’s important to consider the extra work you’ll need to put in to ensure that it’s COVID-safe.

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