6 Hair Styles Everyone Is Wearing This Year

by Tanya September 06, 2022

Hair cuts come and go, but these 6 hairstyles have been so pervasive, that they’re hard to ignore.

If you’re bored with your current hairstyle and looking for ideas to update your do, read on.

1. ‘90s layers

We’re talking big, bouncy, ’90s-supermodel style volume.

We’re all starting to feel the need for super-luxe, glossy, blown-out hair again.

The face-framing bangs make your cheekbones appear more prominent and elongate your face.

You can also wear them shoulder-length which contributes to the statement look.

This hairstyle perfectly frames your irresistible face and highlights its beauty. The modern Rachel hairstyle has more shine and a little more texture than what we’re used to.

This hairstyle looks natural, not too tight, and irresistibly free.

2. Goddess braids

Goddess braids are very practical to maintain, you can easily create various hairstyles regardless of the buns, e.g. a bun, or a big braid, and you can just wear them loose.

But most importantly – none of the styling can ruin the appearance and structure of braids.

Here’s what you should do before braiding your hair:

  • Goddess braids with extensions are made with artificial (synthetic) hair. The hair is braided together with a hair clip from the roots.
  • You should go to the hairdresser with clean hair (the day before you should wash it), and it should not be wet.
  • You should brush your hair before going to the hairdresser. The hairdresser combs the hair once more and divides it into sections.

Before each braid a hairdresser makes, they will spread a little vaseline along your hair so that the hair is softer, does not break, and can grow nicely. 

Here’s what an afro hair stylist will ask you before braiding your hair:

  • Do you want your braids thick, normal or petite?
  • How thick is your natural hair?
  • How long do you want them to last?

3. Curtain bangs and shag haircut

In 2022 bangs are on-trend, so a shag with curtain bangs can be one of the best haircuts to try.

Don’t want to regret it? Try clip-in bangs and then make the final decision.

It’s a hairstyle that looks great on everyone, looks nonchalant, fluffy.

The mullet is back and more popular and loved than ever. This hairstyle has a bit of a rock & roll effect but is ideal for all those ladies who like layers, bangs, and a quick hairstyle without the hassle.

How to achieve this look if you have straight hair?

You will need a hairdryer and a curling iron. Tilt your head towards the floor and dry your wet hair with a hair dryer that you have set to cool drying.

When the hair is minimally damp, rub the styling foam into the lower half of the hair and dry it completely.

This will give your hair a better texture to style and make the waves last longer.

Once you have dried your hair, use a curling iron to give your strands a more relaxed, wavy look. Do not comb your hair immediately, but leave the strands to cool.

The beauty of this hairstyle is that the waves don’t have to be perfect.

For the maximum relaxed and nonchalant look of the hairstyle, spray the hair spray, holding it at least 30 centimeters from the hair.

4. The french bob with curtain bangs

The French bob is understated and classic meaning it’s set to be a mainstream hair trend.

To get lived-in volume and texture in the roots that won’t weigh the hair down, use a super-lightweight styling foam.

This will give the lift of a mousse without any of that crunchy weight.

5. Braided tendrils

When it comes to hairstyles, the late ’90s and early 00’s boho look is back as seen on the likes of JLo, Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and countless other celebs.

They’re always fun and guaranteed to make a statement. They are universally flattering.

You can style them in any way you like – grunge, pretty, messy, with bangs.

6. Pam updo

This signature Pamela Anderson 90s updo is back. Its messy curls pilled high, tumbling tendrils, and piece-y bangs are everything – glam, grunge, sexy.

How to achieve this bun?

Start with some messy curls in your hair and pull them into a ponytail, leaving your bangs or two face-framing pieces out.

Then loop your pony into a bun and pin it in place, keeping some of the ends out. Go back and curl the ends, then messily pin them back into the bun.

Pull the bun apart to make it messy.

Finish the look by adding some volume to your bangs with a hot roller, or curling iron.

Finally, spray liberally with hairspray and you’re done.

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