Hate Cleaning Your Home? Try This

by Tanya June 13, 2023

If words such as ‘mopping,’ ‘dusting,’ or ‘washing-up’ make you feel uneasy, you can rightly consider yourself a full-fledged member of the ‘I-hate-cleaning’ club.

You can always shirk your cleaning duties by hiring a reliable cleaning company, of course. Still, this might not be enough to overcome your inherent dislike of cleaning.

Below are some simple strategies to help you hate cleaning less:

# 1 Don’t strive for perfection

The reason why some people find it excruciatingly difficult to clean regularly is their perfectionism.

As soon as you’re done cleaning, you might notice another missed spot and then another and another.

But it’s important to keep in mind that chores are never really done. And it’s completely fine to allow yourself to be imperfect when it comes to cleaning.

After all, your ultimate goal is to make your home look tidy, clean, and pleasant to live in.

There’s nothing critical in not cleaning every speck in your house or failing to thoroughly vacuum your couch in the living-room. No need to focus your energy on trifles that don’t hold any significant importance in your life.

Should you need your place to look impeccable on any occasion, though, rely on professional cleaning services. These guys definitely know how to make your home sparkling clean.

#2 Learn to declutter

The very sight of a messy space can drive a lot of people crazy.

And if you hate cleaning, chances are you tend to procrastinate with decluttering, thus allowing mess to accumulate even more.

Needless to say, this only aggravates the problem and makes you dread the upcoming cleaning session even more.

Start by decluttering a small area in your apartment. It can be your desk, nightstand, or windowsill. Make it a rule to attend to this area regularly. And once you make a habit of it, be sure to expand your reach and schedule in more decluttering sessions to handle more areas.

Make sure everything in your house has a place and get rid of unused items wisely. Donate to charities, organize a garage sale, or just throw them away.

As for infrequently used things, you want to ensure they don’t take up valuable space and are out of sight. For this, consider investing in organizers and dedicated containers to store your infrequently used items and unattractive essentials.

This way, you’ll reduce the appearance of clutter and free up much space in your home.

#3 Do your dishes regularly

Tons of dishes piling up in the sink is what you should avoid at any cost if you really want to improve your personal cleaning efficiency. Even if you’re tired and reluctant to do anything, don’t leave your plates to sit in your sink for days.

Once you get into the habit of washing your dishes after using them, the prospect of attending to your everyday chores will likely cease to appear that dreadful. And this can be another commendable step towards overcoming your cleaning antipathies.

#4 Keep cleaning products where you need them most

Unfortunately, humans are wired to be lazy. So, even such a seemingly minor nuance as not having a necessary tool or a cleaning product at hand at the right time might deter you from cleaning.

Make sure you store your cleaning supplies where they are more likely to be used. Thus, instead of stashing your toilet cleaners, mops, and dusting cloths in your under-stairs closet, consider storing them in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever they might come in useful. By doing so, you’ll significantly reduce the probability of shirking from your cleaning duties.

#5 Tap into the power of technology

Now that humanity has invented powerful vacuum cleaners, there’s no need to sweep the floor that often. If you want to make cleaning not only bearable but also enjoyable and fun, consider investing in a wet vacuum or a dedicated carpet cleaner, which can help you rejuvenate your carpets in the blink of an eye.

If you have some spare cash, why not pamper yourself with a powerful robotic vacuum or floor duster?

With modern humidifiers and dust control solutions, you can make your home stay clean and fresh for longer.

If you hate scrubbing your oven – go for a self-cleaning one.

Can’t stand washing your dishes by hand – invest in a quality dishwasher.

And the laziest will definitely appreciate a wide range of no-rinse cleaning solutions that can help them quickly wipe down a variety of surfaces to the shine. Just take your pick!  😏

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