How Pocket Watches Got Cool Again

by Tanya January 12, 2024

A classic, timeless pocket watch is making a comeback.

First invented in 1510 and treasured by James Dean, pocket-sized timepieces on a chain are super cool.

Millennials are ditching the wrist bling and diving into the past to resurrect this vintage gem.

So, why the sudden fascination with pocket watches?

How social media made pocket watch a thing

When everyone has a smartphone, a watch becomes a marker of style and differentiation – and from vintage gangster movies to the #pocketwatch TikTok trend, no other accessory has quite the same effect.

The hashtag #PocketWatchRevival is blowing up, and influencers are jumping on the trend. The hashtag #pocketwatch has had more than 42 million views.

Millennials and Gen Z are snatching them up like hotcakes.

Forget about peeking at your phone for the time; we’re going old-school cool with a trendy pocket watch.

Pocket watches complement any outfit

Now, let’s talk style – because who doesn’t want to look like a boss?

Pocket watches are the secret sauce to elevate any outfit.

Whether you’re rocking a tailored suit or channeling your inner street style guru, the pocket watch is your wingman.

Gold, silver, funky colors – there’s a pocket watch for every mood, and Millennials and Gen Z are slurping up this style of smoothie.

Pocket watches start conversations

Imagine this: you’re at a party, and someone asks for the time.

Instead of whipping out your phone, you pull out a pocket watch.

Instant conversation starter, right?

Millennials, known for their love of meaningful connections, are using the pocket watch as a subtle way to say: “Let’s slow down and chat.”

It’s not just about the time, it’s about the talk.

Pocket watches, the eco-friendly choice

Eco-conscious youth will be glad to know that pocket watches aren’t just a fashion statement, they’re a conscious choice.

In a world drowning in fast fashion, Millennials are opting for the timeless and sustainable.

These bad boys last forever and can be passed down through generations.

It’s like saying: “I care about the planet, and I’m doing it in style.”

Pocket watches break the mold

In a sea of smartwatches and tech gizmos, rocking a pocket watch is like dropping a style bomb.

Millennials, allergic to the mundane, are choosing pocket watches to rebel against the ordinary.

It’s not just about telling time, it’s about making a bold, unapologetic, anti-conformist statement.

Thrift stores are the new gold mines

If you thought the coolest pocket watches were in a museum, think again.

Millennials and Gen Z are on a treasure hunt in vintage shops, flea markets, and online platforms, unearthing these timeless beauties.

It’s not just a watch, it’s a piece of history with scratches and dings that tell a story.

Who needs a brand-new, shiny thing when you can rock a watch with a character …

Time to turn back the clock in style

So, there you have it, the lowdown on why Millennials are swarming back to pocket watches.

It’s a vibe, a mood, an aesthetic.

The return of the pocket watch fits with an increased appreciation for quality, craftsmanship, and slower, more vintage living.

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