How To Arrange Your Office For Hybrid Working

by Tanya November 23, 2022

Your office is your second home.

It is the place where you fight for new business opportunities, and create and realize your professional ambitions.

The workspace plays a big part in the identity of the company, and the wellbeing of the team.

The most productive work environment should skillfully combine the atmosphere of a comfortable home space with a professional environment and thus offer employees a balanced space for daily work.

Let’s look at how you create a space more space and make your current office more appealing for hybrid workforce.

Modern workplace is fit for flexible/hybrid working

If your company is growing fast, you need an office space that is adaptable and enables flexible working practices.

Moving away from traditional workplace models provides employees with the option of hybrid employment and a better work-life balance.

Here’s what you can do:

Open floor patterns, social areas, and workstations that enable several activities can encourage your employees to adopt a more agile way of working.

With workers sharing their hours remotely and in the office, your workspace should reflect how they use it.

This might include investing in new equipment and improving connection throughout the workplace, or it could imply fewer fixed workstations and more hot-desking and casual touchdown space.

Agile working entails providing employees with a variety of working locations within the company. This allows workers to wander throughout the workplace and work in different places depending on the duties at hand. Flexible spaces can be structured to be multi-purpose, releasing more office space for workers who require fixed workstations or as collaboration or meeting space.

You don’t always need a bigger office as you grow

It can be tough to forecast your future headcount, especially in unpredictable times.

Taking on an office with far too much space might have long-term consequences for your profitability. 

It’s best if you include flexibility in your area so that you can readily adjust to any changes.

With the advent of flexible and hybrid working, offices are being built to accommodate a more transitory workforce, allowing for greater flexibility for adjustment and volatility.

An interesting option is the storage spaces provided by many companies, allowing you to access additional space whenever there is a need. You can always look up business storage available in Hull and make sure to have room for a few extra things which otherwise could take up too much of your business office.

From electrical equipment to office supplies and many more. In terms of future growth, having/renting additional storage space can be a true game changer for the better. 

Provide personal storage for each workstation

Petite storage units (pedestals) are modest in size and often tuck beneath a desk to save room.

Movable pedestals are another fantastic option to provide usable storage that is readily relocated.

Some pedestals, with the addition of a cushion top, can also be utilized as supplementary sitting for fast conversations or cooperation inside workstation spaces.

Because of the current trend away from the necessity for personal filing storage, many businesses are now choosing either naturally thin pedestal options or secure ground drawers.

Desk hutches are attractive and give your staff above-the-surface storage possibilities. They can also have parched boards or a trackable place for pinning essential notes or images. Hutches may be transformed into shared units, reducing the team’s footprint while still offering ample storage.

Wall-mounted hutches or bookshelves offer storage without taking up any floor space. Items are conveniently accessible or displayed for fun customizing the room.

Downsize the furniture

Downsizing the furniture in the space will make the space feel larger.

Large, stately workstations may appear impressive, but they are sometimes bulky and impractical unless you have acres of office space.

Instead, a compact, uncomplicated desk with enough space to walk about is great, as is a chair that can be neatly placed under it.

The ideal office is wide and open

The office space should be inspiring and open, wide in every sense.

Glass partitions can also give the room width and the effect of a larger space. Therefore, the entire office does not have to be one room, but that room can be divided by glass partitions that will keep the space open.

Also, that feeling of freedom and encouragement of creativity is achieved when the office has a good view, if possible from a higher floor of the building.

It’s just important that it doesn’t look at another building across the street, but that it enables a creative process in the brain of the one looking from that window.

Today, business premises must have several terraces, covered or glazed, where both in summer and winter employees can take breaks and enjoy joint activities.

Remember that openness and breadth in every sense can greatly improve employee satisfaction and thus their productivity.

Offer a variety of workstations

One of the key differences between Millennial employees and their senior counterparts is the importance they place on variety.

Consider offering a variety of workstations for employees to choose from.

Having a few options aside from the usual desk – such as standing workstations, comfy seats, and shared workstations – and allowing your staff to freely use these as suits their needs can make a huge difference.

Some days may require dedicated solo effort, while others may require innovation and teamwork.

Having rearrangeable desks and seats will allow you complete flexibility to experiment with different work methods. The freedom to change equipment into communal hubs or individual work areas, rather than allocating cubicles, will make your workplace feel more expansive and dynamic.

Establish workplace zones

It might be tough to maintain a certain level of privacy in a tiny workplace, but partitioning your space into zones can assist manage both your work and your staff. Consider establishing “zones” for group and individual work.

Consider adding furnishings like sofas or larger tables in the first zone to accommodate parties of three or more who may require a spot to collaborate on tasks.

Individual zones may be used by employees who want to work in peace on their laptops and only want a modest amount of deskspace to place their laptops. You made a clear separation by establishing these two quite different zones.

We hope you’ll find these tips more than helpful in creating and finding the needed business space to suit all your future undertakings. 

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