How To Buy A Timeless Investment Handbag

by Tanya December 19, 2023

Ah, that allure of buying a timeless handbag.

In a world where trends come and go, there’s something truly magical about owning an investment bag that stands the test of time.

The perfect handbag is not just an accessory, they become a part of your signature style legacy.

Investing in a timeless handbag involves considering several factors to ensure you’re making a smart and valuable purchase.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you buy a timeless investment handbag:

A bag beyond the seasons

In the whirlwind of ever-changing fashion trends, the investment bag is your steadfast companion. It laughs in the face of fleeting fads, proving that true style is eternal.

Look for classic designs that have stood the test of time. Classic styles like the Chanel Flap Bag, Hermes Birkin, Louis Vuitton Speedy, or a simple, elegant tote from brands like Saint Laurent or Celine tend to retain value.

Think of the classics – the Chanel 2.55, the Hermès Birkin, or the Louis Vuitton Speedy. These aren’t just bags; they’re legends.

Choosing a timeless piece is like making a pact with fashion history – you’re in it for the long haul.

Quality over quantity

The investment bag philosophy is a masterclass in quality over quantity. It’s about making a deliberate choice to invest in craftsmanship, materials, and design that withstand the ravages of time and trends.

Quality materials are essential for longevity. Leather (calfskin, lambskin) tends to be more durable and retains its value compared to other materials.

Look for well-crafted bags from reputable brands known for their quality. Research the brand’s reputation for craftsmanship and durability.

Quality leather, impeccable stitching, and durable hardware are the hallmarks of an investment bag that ages like fine wine.

Assess resale value

Consider the resale value.

Some brands and styles hold their value better than others, for example, Hermès’s Birkin and Kelly, Chanel Classic Flap, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Celine’s Luggage Tote and the Belt Bag, Dior’s Lady Dior and Diorama.

The versatility factor

Opt for a versatile color and style that can complement various outfits and occasions. Neutral tones like black, tan, navy, or brown tend to be more versatile.

From power meetings in the boardroom to lazy Sunday brunches, the right investment bag effortlessly transitions from one scene to the next.

A classic tote, like these stylish tote bags by The Row, or perhaps a neutral-hued satchel can become a canvas for your personal style, complementing any outfit with ease.

Authentication and buying from reputable sellers

If buying a pre-owned bag, ensure its authenticity.

Buy from trustworthy sources like authorised retailers, reputable online platforms, or certified resellers.

Pay attention to the bag’s hardware, stitching, logos, and details. Authentic bags often have precise stitching, high-quality hardware, and consistent logos.

The sustainability angle

In these times of troublingly evident climate change, it’s important to remember that investment bags aren’t just about style; they’re also about sustainability.

As more and more people ditch seasonal fashion to become less wasteful.

Choosing quality over quantity reduces the need for frequent replacements, contributing to a more sustainable approach to fashion.

It’s a conscious decision to invest in something that lasts, both in terms of style and environmental impact.


There’s a certain joy in the anticipation of owning an investment bag. The research, the saving, the moment you finally make it yours – it’s a journey that adds value to the bag beyond its price tag. It becomes a story, a memory, and a cherished possession that encapsulates the effort and anticipation woven into its acquisition.

Here’s to choosing bags that withstand the winds of change and become your trusted companions on the journey of timeless fashion.

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