Self-Isolation: How to Buy Your Medication Safely Online

by Tanya November 30, 2021

Are you self-isolating but need to see a GP or get medication?

If you or anyone you live with feels unwell, stay at home. Don’t go to the shops or pharmacies, or even a walk in the park.

Currently, the majority of GPs in the UK are not seeing people face-to-face but instead consult via phone or a video call.

If you are feeling unwell, but need to either pick up repeat prescriptions or get medication for new conditions, you can call your local pharmacy and ask if they can deliver your medication to your door.

If your local pharmacy doesn’t provide a delivery service, you can sign up with a Government-approved online pharmacy such as Oxford Online Pharmacy.

Since the increased demand for medicines is placing huge pressure on NHS during the pandemic, I have compiled the following information about buying medicines online.

What is an online pharmacy and how does it work?

An online pharmacy or internet pharmacy is simply a registered pharmacy that operates over the Internet and sends orders to customers through a mail delivery service.  

The process of signing up with an online pharmacy is simple and quick. You need to enter your details like name, address, your GP practice, etc.

Once your application is approved, you can order medication as normal from the website. Once your prescribed medications are signed off by your GP, the pharmacy will place your order and deliver it to your door.  

The advantages of online pharmacies

Online pharmacies are the lifeline for cities under lockdown to fight against the pandemic when thousands of consumers prefer to purchase medicine online due to Covid-19.

The UK government has acknowledged that online pharmacy services will save the NHS money and help with planning public health policies by analysing large amounts of data on consumers across the nation.

Also, and this is my opinion, online pharmacies help small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which is positive.

What to look out for when buying medicine online?

The Chief Pharmacist at Oxford Online Pharmacy Stuart Gale says: “Make sure you register with a pharmacy that is fully registered and approved by the General Pharmaceutical Council – a body that governs and regulates pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacies in Great Britain.“

If you aren’t sure whether the pharmacy of your choice is Government-approved, just go to General Pharmaceutical Council website and type in the pharmacy of your choice into a search bar and it will show you automatically whether your UK-based pharmacy is legit or not. 

All fully registered and approved pharmacies have both – the approved medicine and the right equipment, for example, a medical fridge to store medicine and vaccine at the optimal temperature – and as such offer high-quality medicine to patients.

Unfortunately, many online pharmacies are selling prescription medicines without any validation. This is never a good idea as the medication may not be suitable for you and could cause unpleasant side effects or serious health risks.

Medication sold from disreputable websites can be poor quality at best and dangerous at worst. 

Only buy medicines from online pharmacies that are safe and follow the Government’s guidance to protect the nation.

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