How To Create Your Own Cocktails At Home

by Tanya December 03, 2021

You love mixed drinks, cocktails, and frozen beverages with your favorite blend of alcohol. The only problem is they cost as much as a meal when you order out of a restaurant. You don’t want to worry about getting behind the wheel or having a designated driver. The best solution is to be your own bartender at home. Stock up on supplies so you can be the life of the party when you whip up your alcoholic creations. You’ll also find the perfect way to close your day with a relaxing nightcap in the evening. Kick back and unwind with something tantalizing for your taste buds by learning how to mix your own drinks.

Gather your tools before you get started

If you’ve watched a bartender at work, you’ve seen tools to make drinks in action. You should have a small ice maker or an ice bucket. Buy measuring cups, measuring spoons, or a jigger to make sure your ingredients are precise. You’ll need a cocktail shaker, a drink strainer, a grater, and a bottle opener. Add a small, sharp knife, a juicer to add a dash of freshly squeezed citrus fruits, and bar spoons. They are longer and more delicate than a regular spoon. A pour spout and mixing glass are helpful additions to your bar. If you really want to feel like you are an authentic bartender, you can build a bar in your home, purchase a small cart on wheels for all of your supplies, or set aside a small table with stools to create the atmosphere you want when you are creating your go-to favorites.

Fill your liquor cabinet with the essentials

The more you have in your liquor cabinet, the better prepared you will be to make a variety of cocktails. You want to have the most important ingredients on hand from your online liquor store or your local shop just around the corner. Every good bartender will tell you to have vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey, and brandy when it comes to liquor. You’ll also need something to add flavor to your mixed drinks. This is where liqueurs come in. Orange, Irish cream, amaretto, coffee, and vermouth are top picks when you want to enhance your drinks. Don’t forget your non-alcoholic flavorings or mixers. You should have citrus juices on hand, such as orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon juice. Cranberry juice and pineapple juice are the go-to ingredients for many popular drinks. Other essential ingredients for mixed drinks include grenadine, cream or milk, simple syrup, sour mix, and bitters. Stock up on sodas to compliment your alcoholic beverages. You’ll need your favorite cola, ginger ale, and a lemon-lime soda. Club soda or seltzer are often used in cocktails as well. If you want to be fancy by adding a garnish to your drinks, fresh mint, maraschino cherries, olives, and slices of citrus fruit will create a pretty picture.

Buy a recipe book for alcoholic beverages

While you can always look online when you are in a pinch, it’s good to have a bartender’s recipe book on hand. You’ll have all of your traditional cocktails instructions at your fingertips. Find crowd-pleasers that will have your guests talking about your mixed drinks at every gathering. You may find several guides you like, including international beverages that tickle your fancy. Learn how to make dessert coffees that include alcohol as the secret ingredient. Don’t be afraid to branch out from old standards by trying something new. You could find a drink that moves to the top of your list.

Be patient with yourself when you are making cocktails or other alcoholic beverages at home. Expect some trial and error before you feel like your drinks are as good as what you buy at your local tavern. Be willing to fiddle with some of your recipes. You may like a little extra or less of a certain ingredient. You can also try creating a drink that is unique. Keep a journal on hand to jot down discoveries, changes, and tips you learn along the way. Be willing to learn from others who are experienced. You can also offer advice to others when you find new recipes that are exciting. You can be the taste tester in the beginning. As you become more experienced, start serving your guests.


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