How to Install a Flat Roof Window Correctly

by Tanya August 25, 2020

The installation of your roof window is very important. People love their roof windows. If they didn’t, only loft conversions would have them due to all the risks associated with a poorly installed roof window. Roof window installation is best left to the professionals, even with flat roof windows. If a roof window is installed correctly, it should bring you joy for years to come.

Avoid leaks

The most obvious sign the roof window hasn’t been installed correctly is leaks. No one wants to wake up to rain falling on them because the window is leaking. The correct window needs to be suited to the roof with the right flashing.

Flat roof windows are a popular choice from Roof Window Outlet. They’re discreet on horizontal roofs. They help the home maintain heat in the winter and improve with ventilation in the summer. That doesn’t mean that a poorly installed flat roof window won’t leak. Leaks are more common after heavy rain or snowfall.

Avoid condensation

If condensation is forming around your window or between the panes of glass, chances are it hasn’t been installed correctly, or it is time for a replacement. It can compromise the entire roof. It is cheaper and easier to have the window replaced and hire a professional to install it than it is to have to replace the entire roof.

Avoid cracks

Even the best roof windows can crack in the right (or wrong) conditions. If your new roof window is showing signs of cracks, it needs replacing. Roof windows take a beating from the elements of nature. Flat roof windows take it full on due to their flat nature. However, a new window shouldn’t crack after its first hailstorm.

Don’t cut corners

A roof window requires a gap of 20-30mm between the window and the roof. A thermal collar that is appropriately fitted goes into this gap.

Don’t try to save money by installing a cheaper one as this will lead to more expense. If you notice an increase in your heating bill that can’t be explained by the gas company pushing up prices yet again, the heat might be escaping your roof window. This is an invisible problem.

You’ll need to check all other sources of potential heat escape for the raise in the gas bill. A properly installed roof window won’t let heat escape and might even save on your heating bills. The natural light warms an otherwise cold area.


A properly installed roof window will bring light and air into the darkest and most dismal of loft conversions, kitchens, and anywhere else you decide to install a roof window. If a roof window is poorly installed, it can cause problems not just for the window but the entire loft. Leaks and condensation can lead to mould.

It is best to leave the roof window installation to someone who knows what they’re doing and enjoy the roof window without the stress.

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