How To Make A Children’s Advent Calendar Yourself

by Tanya December 09, 2018

Christmas is coming and it’s time to shop for gifts, decorations, and other items.

Or perhaps try something a little different this year: get into handicrafts.

You could make a children’s advent calendar yourself.

Advent calendars are one of the pre-Christmas classics, every child looks forward to them.

But instead of buying a standard advent calendar with chocolates from the shop, you can make your own.

You have different options.

How to make an advent calendar yourself

An advent calendar made from matchboxes is a popular option. You glue the boxes together, wrap them in decorative paper, and put one wrapped sweet in each. This type of calendar can also be used as a Christmas decoration in a child’s room.

Or you can also make an advent calendar from many small packages that can fit much more than one wrapped sweet.

If you decide to make a calendar from many small packages, you’ll need 24 small boxes. You can either buy them at the shop – for example, at a stationer’s, in a shop for decorations, or perhaps in a standard supermarket or hypermarket.

Or you can make boxes from one large old box. Boxes can vary in size – from the smallest to the largest. One fun detail could be that the box gets a little bigger every day. At least the one on December 24th should be bigger.

You’ll also need sticky tape, a hot glue gun, brown wrapping paper, decorative ribbon, and small decorations – for example, wooden stars. The last tool is a marker to write the serial number or the date that the package is to be opened.

But you mustn’t forget the little things that each package contains!

How to assemble the packages in an advent calendar

There are different ways to put the individual packages together.

One way is to hang a string with pegs.

Another option is a simple display on a table or shelf.

The third option is to deliver each package separately on a specific day.

And the most difficult option is to hide the packages in a variety of places around the house and let the child having to find them. You can navigate it with the following instructions “cold / getting warmer / hot”.

What to put into an advent calendar

A child should get a surprise every day. But remember that you have to devise a total of 24 inventive ideas. They definitely shouldn’t be repeated. If there are two sweets or pieces of chocolate the same in each package, the child will become a little bored with the calendar.

You also mustn’t dazzle on the first day, you’ll create a problem bettering your first idea on the following days. This is especially the case if you create the calendar gradually during December and you won’t have the opportunity to think everything through in advance.

Ideally, make the entire calendar at once at the end of November. In the first packages, you can simply put small items in, like a few sweets, gingerbread, pieces of chocolate. Occasionally you can put a small toy inside.

You should save the best for last. However, at the same time, the child should receive their main gifts under the tree. A fun gift could be your own tree decoration, whereby the child can hang the decoration up in the evening.

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