How to Pick the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face and Hair Texture

by Tanya November 24, 2021

Everyone has the liberty to design and select their hairstyle.

But many people tend to miss out on a few supporting factors to ideal hairstyles when processing their selection in a salon.

Hairstylists also don’t suggest specific changes because they don’t want any upset clients or people leaving their salon. And yes, you can always try durable and genuine extensions from credible facilities such as Cliphair to enhance the look and volume of your hair.

In addition, here are some critical elements you need to consider and analyse before choosing your next hairstyle.

Examine your facial structure

The shape of your head can say a lot about which hairstyle will suit you the best.

For instance, people with large foreheads often style their front hair with bangs, and the bangs ultimately extend if your forehead is slightly shorter than what suit’s bangs’ length.

The shape of your face also determines the length of your hair; whether the hairstyle will suit you if it falls way down your back or if your hair should fall to the front.

For instance, short and round faces support bangs, and straighter hairstyles must be better than elongated faces because straight hair on vertical face shapes only makes them appear upended.

Determine your facial structure

Here’s an elaborative listicle to help you differentiate:

  • If your face has equal length and width, then it’s most likely round.
  • Oval face shapes have unequal forehead and chin measurements.
  • Heart face shapes are relatively similar to oval ones. The difference comes from wide cheekbones.
  • Oblong faces are more upended. You can inspect the effect of straight hair on yourself to determine whether or not you have an elliptical facial structure because straight hair will just make your face appear more vertical.
  • Diamond faces have the widest widths.
  • Triangle faces are the opposite of heart faces because they support wider jawlines.
  • Square faces have an equal proportion of every feature. They are similar to round faces in a way.

Hair texture and colour

Next, you must determine which hair colour suits your skin tone. Although there are no restrictions on hair colour, specific colours highlight your skin and enhance its appearance.

The texture of your hair also matters when you decide on a hairstyle. Most people have silky hair to a fault. They do not require an electric iron to straighten their hair because it’s naturally linear. The texture is termed as “fine’ because all strands of hair are thin and easily distinguished.

There is a medium type of hair that is relatively standard, and many people have it. This hair type is neither too thick nor too thin, and you can easily style it with an electric iron. Perms and curls go well with this sort of hair.

Then there’s coarse hair which is very thick and sometimes even bushy. It is the hardest to style and manage on daily routines. But thanks to hair-care tools and ointments, people can instantly manage coarse hair.

Finally – determining these factors above help you decide what sort of hair routine and style will suit you 😏

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