How To Prepare For An Unforgettable Golfing Vacation

by Tanya January 29, 2022

For many people, golf is more than a pastime or a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

Golfing is a wonderfully social sport, where you can quickly make new golf buddies and friends for life.

Now that the summer is almost here (which instantly means lovely, sunny weather), it’s time to prepare yourself for the next golf trip.

How to prepare for an unforgettable golfing vacation

If this is your first golfing trip, and you’re not sure what steps to take to have an amazing time, this article will help you to prepare for it so you can enjoy it to the maximum.

1. Practice golf before you go

If you want to have the time of your life during your golfing vacation,  focus on improving your golf skills, because if you aren’t good at this sport, there’s little joy in playing.

The only way to consistently improve your golf game is to practice, so you should already be using driving ranges and putting greens on a regular basis ahead of your trip.

You can practice indoors and outdoors.

If the weather doesn’t allow to practice outside, there are new technological advances that allow you to practice indoors.

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is through the use of drills.

Rather than just listening to some instruction provided by a golf pro, a drill allows you to get involved in the process of improving your technique.

Good drills are designed in such a way that they allow you to feel a specific movement or position that you will need in your swing (or putting stroke). If you want to work on both your strengths and weaknesses, then you should practice drills for golf to quickly see the improvement.

There are various golf drills that can help you enhance your game, including:

  • The 9-Shot Drill
  • Snake Drill
  • The Start and Stop Drill
  • Clock Drill
  • Water Bottle
  • The Three-Footer Streak
  • Line Drill

2. Plan the golfing destination

There are many places in the world that are perfect for golfing vacations, such as England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

You can travel New Zealand with the help of specialist agency that can prepare your itinerary and organise must-visit places.

On the other hand, if the USA seems like a much more appealing option, then you should visit Myrtle Beach, Pinehurst Resort, Florida, Sea Island, Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones Trail, Pebble Beach, and many others.

The whole point is to choose a location that perfectly matches your needs, plans, and wishes, and of course, do not forget to consult with your traveling buddies as well. For instance, there are various places that require golfers to walk the course. Ask yourself (and your buddies too), is it something that you’ll be willing to do?

3. Focus on choosing the right courses

Once you’ve settled on a few potential destinations, draw up a shortlist of all of the courses in the area, visit their websites.

Almost all resorts offer detailed insights and a hole-by-hole breakdown of their courses, and you can use these as a benchmark for their suitability.

Taking the time to research which courses offer the most interesting and appealing terrain, setting, and challenge can save you wasted time on a course that doesn’t tick the right boxes for you.

If you’re still unsure how to select the right golf course, just focus on the skills and experience you and your traveling buddies have, and then choose the ones that are in line with them. 

4. Consider the cost and your budget

There are golf trips for all budgets.

With package deals and luxury integrated into every part of your getaway, there is something to offer every budget in planning a golf trip. 

Everyone has different budgets, even among your buddies. There are usually two types of golfers when it comes to this financial aspect:

There are those who are huge spenders and could definitely blow their budget easily, and there are those who are pretty frugal with their hard-earned cash.

But in order to avoid any conflicts, you should simply find the right balance and that’s precisely how everyone will be satisfied.

5. Plan your past time activities 

Deciding what you want to do and see outside from golf.

There’s a good chance that after several days spent playing golf, you and your group might appreciate a bit of time to relax.

Pace yourselves, and make sure to set aside at least a day (or the odd afternoon) to unwind. You could visit a luxury spa or wellness retreat, or simply take a bit of time and explore the local sights, history, and culture.

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