Improving Your Weaknesses Is A Waste Of Energy, Play To Your Strengths

by Tanya March 26, 2014

Let’s put it straight: you can never get great at things in which you are bad.

We are the nation obsessed with overcoming our weaknesses (and generally focusing on the negative). How many frustrated people!? How much wasted energy!?

I remember how disappointed I felt creating spreadsheets in my first role. No matter how much I tried to improve the skills, I was still bad. Yes, I got marginally better at all those techy things. But, I was still really bad and putting in all that effort for so little gain made me extremely cranky.

And worse, I wasn’t having any fun. Spending every day being reminded of what you are awful at is enough to make anyone depressed.

You could become mediocre when you spend your energy improving your weaknesses, but focusing on strengths only can take people to excellence.

Basically, focusing on improving my weaknesses consumed a lot of my energy, time, and attention from excelling in what I am good: being people-oriented, intuitive and creative . So I searched  for roles in which those skills would shine – that way and only that way I would move ahead.

Having done some quick Internet research on this topic, it seems that if companies played to peoples’ strengths rather than their weaknesses, they would make more money. Therefore, this approach is not just good for individual well-being but also for the company.

If you still don’t know what you are good at, think about it …


 What is that you do in which you are so absorbed you lose track of time ? 

– What can you do for the whole day that doesn’t end with a headache?

– What comes easily to you or what can you easily pick up?




Successful people play to their strengths. Ask anyone who has found there life passion. They are all playing to their strengths.

So don’t waste your young fabulous years on improving your weaknesses.

Choose the path to an authentic, passionate life by choosing to focus most of your energy on strengthening your strengths.

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  • Khalil

    You can not be successful be either by not focusing on your weaknesses. Yes you can be successful by unleashing the power of your strengths to overcome or even lessen your weaknesses. Weaknesses are the things which can guide you what are your strengths. You can not simply ignore your weaknesses.The are actually your own reflection but seen other way. So we can not have the risk of ignoring our weaknesses for just a blink of time.

    • Tanya

      Hey Khalil. Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I think when weaknesses guide you to strengths, then they aren’t weaknesses, but things you secretly want to do, but are scared of failing ..and yes, in that case you should exit your comfront zone and do it to grow
      ..but when weaknesses are real weaknesses and bore the hell out of you, i think, you should just leave them.

  • Hi Tanya — I like your graphic; it gets the point across clearly that there is a sweet spot where a person is most productive. So, why waste a lot of time and energy doing other things instead? Although new experiences can be valuable lessons even if they don’t work out, nobody should feel they have to settle for a life of drudgery. Good post.

    This year I’ve been on a virtual quest to cultivate a better attitude by discovering and commenting on a positive blog every day. Sometimes I feel a little lost, as you describe in your introductory page; but so far I’ve made a lot of new friends and enjoyed the adventure. I’m keeping a list on my own blog of all the places I visit, and your site is today’s entry. 🙂

  • Tanya

    Dear Meg, thanks very much for the kind words! Where can I see your blog?

  • Tanya

    Got it! 🙂