INFOGRAPHIC: What Does “Talent” Mean In The Modern Workplace?

by Tanya July 24, 2021

Aside from the qualifications, skills, and experience needed to make sure that a person can fulfill the duties of any role description, the best employers are looking for that extra spark that helps an employee shine above the rest.

This is often called “talent” but it can be hard to define exactly what that is.

The infographic featured below looks a lot more closely at what that label means for those who want to show they have the talent to succeed and thrive in their careers.

Employees with talent make a difference and the infographic breaks it down in several ways.

This includes looking at skills and traits that are commonly associated with talent, such as self-motivation, leadership skills, creativity, confidence, and an ability to work independently without micromanaging.

Education is important in displaying talent, but given that Millennials are the most highly educated generation in history, and so many of them have a bachelor’s degree or higher, more is needed to stand out from the crowd.

The infographic also takes a look at how existing leaders and future leaders see and find talent, with current CEOs seeing pay and incentives and performance management as attractive to talented employees, while young leaders put more emphasis on workplace culture and behavior, health, and wellbeing, and flexible working conditions.

Indeed, one stat shows that over three-quarters of Millennials would take a pay cut for flexible working hours.

In terms of finding talent, there is a big problem with motivation and engagement in the workplace, with 55% of millennials not feeling engaged and 16% actively feeling disengaged.

To learn more about what talent means in the workplace in the 2020s, read the following infographic.

Infographic Design By Ezra Coaching

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