My experience with Hairstory’s New Wash

by Tanya May 03, 2021
Hairstory products

At the beginning of the lockdown, I decided to give my hair some rest from frequent washing and toxic products.

Did you know that hair is not meant to be shampooed? Detergents found in shampoos over-clean the hair and strip away its natural protective oil barrier, causing hair to over-produce oil. This excessive oil production is the reason our hair can become limp, static, and greasy.

Lockdown was the perfect opportunity to stop this nasty cycle of:


So, I did some research and found the #noshampoo (or the #nopoo) movement. Apparently, there are millions of people who haven’t shampooed their hair for years, and WOW – I was amazed at how incredible hair can look without using shop-bought shampoos.

Trying Hairstory’s New Wash for the first time

New Wash is a revolutionary detergent-free hair cleanser. No detergents mean scalps aren’t overproducing oils to compensate for was stripped away leading to healthy, hydrated, and balanced hair.

After reading lots of customer reviews online, I NEEDED to try it. Check out these before and after photos below:

before and after hairstory

Even after the very first wash with New Wash, I noticed a difference in my hair. It was glossier and full of volume and body.

New Wash gives my thin limp hair that bouncy, sexy, and relaxed bedhead celebrity look without any sticky products. It’s so freeing and easy to style my hair!

Now during Facetime and Zoom calls, I regularly get compliments on how good my hair looks.

hairstory new wash

Why I love the Hairstory brand

I’ve been using Hairstory’s New Wash for 8 months now, and I finally understand why it has such a cult following.

If you’re someone who wants to cut out toxic ingredients like sulfates and parabens from your beauty and hair care products and are looking for an environmentally sustainable brand, then you’d love Hairstory.

Hairstory helped me break out of the never-ending shampoo-conditioner cycle, so now I can go longer between washes.

I’m only halfway through my bottle, but I’ve already ordered more!

When you sign up with Hairstory, they send you a creamy cleanser along with an aluminum refillable container equipped with a convenient pump dispenser. Then, every 6-10 weeks, they send you a New Wash pouch to refill your bottle.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how *jumbo* the New Wash pouch is. Seriously – you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I love that New Wash comes in a refill envelope reducing plastic waste.

Hairstory cares about its customers and the environment, and I’m here for it!

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