How Point-of-Purchase Marketing Dramatically Boost Sales

by Tanya January 25, 2021

Every retail brand needs to master a point of purchase marketing.

Point of purchase marketing helps to increase revenue.

First, let’s define it:

What is a point of purchase marketing?

Point of purchase (POP) is defined as any part of a store where a customer engages with your product.

POP displays exist separate from the standard aisle shelf, effectively inserting a product into a shopper’s path through the store.

4 benefits of effective point of purchase displays

Effective point of purchase displays has many benefits.

According to POP display and marketing company, ISI Global point of purchase displays increase sales at retail by as much as 20%.

Below are the top 6 advantages of effective point of purchase displays:

1. Locate your products strategically

Floor displays, or floor dumps, are the most powerful point-of-purchase marketing tool that you can develop. They are most effective when placed at the front of the store or next to any complementary products.

This location guarantees the maximum number of visiting consumers will see your product.

Marketing in the shops is great because customers have already made a decision to buy something, making them more likely to buy an additional product if they see it on their way.

2. Catch the customer’s eye

Shoppers in a store are known to be “skimmers,” meaning that they’ll skim down the aisle looking for one thing in particular.

Catchy packaging alone is too small to make an impact. That’s where your display comes in.

Using bigger mediums such as a cardboard display or hanging shelf sign to accompany your product increases the chance that a buyer will notice it.

3. Expand your messaging

In addition to making your brand easier to spot, POP displays allow you more space to better educate buyers on the unique value that your product offers.

There’s a lot you could say, but it’s hard to fit it all onto a small label or box.

4. More cost-effective than traditional advertising

Point of purchase displays such as posters or signs are a way to say whatever you would have said in a magazine, TV, or on a billboard for a fraction of the cost.

Even better – you can tailor your message to fit a store poster or an offer targeting a more relevant audience who can be immediately impacted by your advertising.

It’s much easier to entice customers to buy your product if they are already in a store.

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