Maybe We Should Quit Our Day Jobs More Often?

Maybe We Should Quit Our Day Jobs More Often?

by Tanya January 04, 2014

For the last two years I have been working in B2B sales, on and off. Even though it felt good, it didn’t feel quite right.

I’ve quit several jobs after 3-6 months, because I just couldn’t take  it anymore –  I am just not meant to be a cube monkey.

So I decided to quit.

Oddly enough, regret is often perceived together with relief.

I’ve been lying to myself – trying to be appreciative of all the things I have – just to hide the wrong feeling.

There are people, who care about status, money and job titles, and then there are the other – free spirits, that have the courage and self-awareness to look at their lives and admit that they’re not happy where they are and that they thirst for a change. The quitting was a blessing, because for the first time I had to actually pause and think about what I wanted for my life?

Do I know it yet? No! But I feel, that I’m getting closer. I believe that in order to realize what you really want to do, you need to step outside your comfort zone – rock the boat a bit until you figure things out. You have to experiment and try new things – sometimes without a back up plan. It’s not easy, but introducing a little “chaos” into your lifestyle, is sometimes the only way to get things done.

I feel free, like a huge weight got off my chest. I notice things and people around me, I breathe deeper and even enjoy the tension of uncertainty.

Y-Generation’s “American Dream” isn’t climbing the corporate ladder or holding out for that fancy company car or retirement plan. Y Generation wants to pave their own road, learn new things and live fully.

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