Road Trips Are On The Rise With Millennials

by Tanya March 13, 2018

Millennials have changed the travel industry for good.

With peer-to-peer information available on social media, easy access to online booking, cheap air travel & accommodation, travelling is no longer a luxury that only wealthy few can afford.

Travel industry is now driven by self-reliant Millennials’ love for authentic experiences & their need to document every single detail of their trip on social media.

If there was one industry that has truly benefitted from the rise of social media, it has to be the travel industry.

All the mind-blowing vistas and unknown tropical destinations you see on your friends’ Instagram feed have exponentially increased our desire to travel more.

We have all caught a travel bug.

Millennials are road-tripping more

Millennials like culturally immersive, adventurous and authentic travel experience, where they are able to explore off-the-beaten tracks and get to know the local life on their own terms.

Going on a road trip is in itself like going on an adventure, a journey, where destination is of a secondary importance.

It’s about all the fun breaks,

the landscapes,

the chats…

It’s about being in the moment!

So, it’s not surprising, that road tripping is becoming increasingly popular way to travel & have fun.

And Millennials are pushing this trend as they seek convenience, adventure and affordability.

Millennials are also looking for value for money and driving around in a car proves to be cost effective. Especially in the US and Australia, where international long-haul flights are still costly, compared to travelling within Europe.

According to research 2017-2018 Portrait of American Travelers conducted by MMGY Global, the appetite for driving to destinations is significantly on the rise in the US.

From 2016 to 2017, the % of road trips taken by Americans rose from 22 percent to 39 percent.

Road trips are popular, because they allow for more options. Travellers can bring their pets, make multiple stops to experience a wider variety of vacation activities and attractions, especially ones that are uniquely local.

My travel experience in Australia

I spent a month in Australia over this Christmas and New Year’s.

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

You should definitely go … when you get rich 🙂

It cost me £1700 for a return ticket from London (which is pretty much the average monthly take-home salary in the UK).

Luckily, I was able to stay at my girlfriend’s place, so didn’t have to pay for accommodation, food or travelling around.

Below are just few places I saw in New South Wales (didn’t make it outside the state this time):

1. Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay has the whitest sand in the world. And look at the waters …

2. “Australian icon”

Symbio Wildlife park, NSW.

3. Spit to Manly walk

One of the most spectacular walks I’ve done in Sydney.

4. Canyoning in the Blue Mountains

What surprised me as a European, was the distance Australians travel by car yearly (which, apparently, is more than in the USA and Canada).

Best road trips in Australia you can take to festivals

Just like the epic Route 66 in the US, there are spectacular road trips across Australia.

You can read about “The Great Ocean Road” or “The Pacific Coast Road” all over the internet.

Below I’ve compiled 3 gorgeous road trips that you can combine with festivals and events across Australia:

1. “Australian Coachella” – Brisbane to Caloundra

Photo is illustrative.

Here’s a trip you can take right after the Pacific Coast stretch.

The perfect time to take this road trip is during the spring. Every end of September (that’s Australian spring) Kings Beach holds the Caloundra Music Festival. It features some of the best artists in Australia and in the international music scene.

You can also enjoy parades and beachside entertainment like carnivals and buskers. Think of this as Australia’s very own Coachella event.

The best suggestion would be to take this route with the Sydney to Brisbane stretch. This is going to be a massively exciting trip, so make sure you book your Sydney car hire now.

2. “Guinness World Record” – Melbourne to Deniliquin

Photo is illustrative.

Breaking a Guinness Book record does not sound like something you can do on vacation, but take the Melbourne to Deniliquin route and you will get a chance to do just that.

The Deni Ute Muster is one of the most popular festivals in Australia for all things weird. Visited not just by locals, but also tourists wanting to experience this iconic event.

It features rodeo shows, a circus, and even a 24-hour long concert.

Just wear the blue singlet and be counted in the world record.

3. “Into the Sun” – Sydney to Port Macquarie

Photo is illustrative.

How does it feel to visit the sun?

No one has lived to tell the tales, for sure.

But if you drive from Sydney to Port Macquarie on the start of the Australian summer, you’ll find a sun that would engulf you with a warm and uplifting music and crowd.

The Festival of the Sun, an outdoor music festival set in Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park is a must visit in Port Macquarie.

Drive a caravan and enjoy the laid-back ambience of the festival while chilling around the pool, or surfing in the water, taking a few drinks, and catching some of the best bands in the world.

On your trip to Port Macquarie, you can check out Port Stephens, Diamond Beach, Crowdy Head National Park, and the Koala Hospital.

When it comes to going on an adventurous road trip, there is no other place quite like Australia.

It has sceneries, sports activities, theme parks, wildlife, big cities and quaint towns all waiting to be visited.

For more information about how you can maximise your road trip, visit the DriveNow website and jump-start your Australian adventure.

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