How to Set Up an Office for Your Small Business

by Tanya September 19, 2021

Many successful businesses begin at home.

With COVID-19, corporate downsizing, and remote working on the rise, many Millennials are setting up their own home-based businesses.

When you are starting out in business, working from home makes financial sense.

It saves you money on renting an office space, meaning you have more money to invest in the business. 

By not renting office space from the get-go,  you’ll have more money to invest back into the business. For example, you can hire the best web design team remotely.

However, as you continue to grow and need to hire a bigger team, you’ll need office space.

What are the benefits of renting an office for a small business?

There are many benefits to renting an office for a small business, including: 

• An office space gives you more opportunities for expansion. You can hire new staff and work on new projects that you cannot do from home.

You can begin to experience better workplace culture and developing a stronger relationship with your employees. 

• People may take your company more seriously.

• You can differentiate your home and workspaces, meaning you don’t carry workplace stress to bed with you each night. 

Before moving into any space, you should enlist the services of a professional for deep cleaning your office. This is vital for the safety of you and your staff, and an expert cleaning service like SMC Premier is essential to get the job done right and give you the peace of mind you need during these challenging times.

Below are some tips on creating the ideal office space.

What makes a great office space?

A few things are particularly important to Millennials, and can be used as a guideline to very Millennial office space:

1. Provide a range of different workspaces

Focus on flexibility for your employees.

Having a few options aside from the usual desk – such as standing workstations, comfy seats, and shared workstations – and allowing your staff to freely use these as suits their needs can make a huge difference.

PS! If you need to move around large pieces of office furniture in a safe and efficient way, contact Furnibox – which is a great mobile solution for furniture warehouses. 

Millennials take great pride in their sense of self, and their own personal development. They want (and hopefully deserve) to feel respected, and giving them a choice as to how they go about their daily work in the office shows that you understand this.

2. Make the most of the natural light

One of the simplest decisions – but possibly the most effective – is to ensure your working environment includes a good amount of daylight.

Natural light has all kinds of benefits, not least that it helps us focus, increases our productivity, and can also save money on energy bills associated with heating and lighting.

First and foremost, however, is the fact that bright and sunlit office space is simply more appealing. If you’re choosing an office space, always opt for one with plenty of windows, and bear in mind the positioning of workstations to ensure that no one is (literally) kept in the dark.

NB! Avoid fluorescent lighting, as this can cause headaches and eye strain. 

3. Choose your interior colours carefully

Millennials don’t want to feel like a cog in a branch of a soulless machine, they want to feel like a part of a unique organisation with its own identity and character. The design of your office can make all the difference in this respect.

Pastel shades create a calming atmosphere, which is great if your work environment is particularly stressful. 

The colours around you are super important for your mood, and therefore for your productivity levels. Colourful workspaces raise the mood. Southern Office Furniture company sells brightly coloured office furniture.

We also recommend just putting fresh flowers in a vase on your desk to maximise the colours in your work space.

4. Design with practicality in mind

When it comes to design, you should put practicality before aesthetic choices (though one does not exclude the other).

For example, if your employees will be handling chemicals, you should ensure that you use chemical resistant flooring. There are hundreds of different flooring types to choose from, though most businesses will opt for durable resin flooring. You can find more information about resin flooring here https://impactfloors.co.uk/resin-flooring-london/.

Don’t overcrowd the space. The more simplistic your office is, the easier it will function.

5. Hang artwork on the walls

Artwork can tie the room together, and make it a more pleasant place to be.

You should also display your company logo throughout the office, which helps you develop your branding further.

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