How To Market WITH Millennials (Not TO Them)

by Tanya August 06, 2019 Millennials as consumers

Serious people and companies scare me!

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We’re All in Business of Attention: How B2B Became B2H

by Tanya April 25, 2019 Millennials as consumers

95% of our buying decisions are emotional, not logical.

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6 Instagram Secrets Top Fitness Professionals Use to Build an Empire

by Tanya March 24, 2019 Make money online

Perfection is intimidating and self-indulgence annoying.

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Millennials: Spoilt Or Misunderstood Consumers?

by Tanya September 03, 2017 Millennials as consumers

When did speaking out become entitlement?

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“Millennial Marketing” Isn’t Defined By Age Group

by Tanya February 28, 2016 Millennials as consumers

The dot-com bubble burst in 2002, when we were teens.

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