The Best Blogs On The Whole Wide Web

by Tanya April 28, 2015

Sorry about the sensational title, it’s actually “The best articles I found on the Internet this month” – all lower case.

The fact that I found them this month, doesn’t mean they were published this month. But who cares, right?

So, if you are lying under your duvet, a laptop warming up your chest and you’re feeling like a ready-made list of inspiration – Millennial or otherwise – then read on …

1) “You Are Boring! -Tell me more about your food blog, please” is about forgotten art of being interesting (e.g interested).

“You see me across the crowded room, make your way over, and start talking at me. And you don’t stop.

Don’t take it too hard. We’re all boring. At best, we’re recovering bores. Each day offers a hundred ways for us to bore the crap out of the folks with whom we live, work, and drink. And on the Internet, you’re able to bore thousands of people at once.”

2) “50 Things About Millennials That Make Corporate America Sh*t Its Pants” is the most emotionally loaded Millennial article ever.

It makes me want to cry. It makes me incredibly proud to be born into this generational cohort. It makes me feel like I can do everything.

Read it now! Don’t waste any time.

3) Lost GenY Girl is a U.S-based straight up Millennial blogger with lots of character. Annoyed with corporate bullshit, she is hoping to make the workforce a better place.

I love her tongue-in-cheek yet very actionable advice on “How To Be Rich In Your 20s.”

4) What a well-written, concise and satisfying article by Gus Ferguson on FUTURE OF WORK. Gus has this ability to make every word count. He says just enough for us to make our own conclusions.

“You will be the CEO of your own life whether you choose to be or not. Technology development will empower a business model where core managerial teams will operate, outsourcing everything non-core to trusted networks!

Seriously, start thinking about what your life might be like without a permanent job.

Talented people need organizations less than organizations need them and unskilled people need organisations more than organisations need them.”

5) “The Beauty of Things That Don’t Scale.” We don’t want authenticity, we wan’t fucking romance.

“We’ve gotten tired. We over-share, we over-communicate, we overreach, but the conversation has run its course, being everywhere anytime.

We look for rebels who interrupt our routines and offer us not just purpose and personalization, but a heavy dose of punch-drunk love. We want experiences that are unique and precious; experiences that can’t be scaled and must not be optimized either. In other words, we want romance.

It is worth noting that romance is not the same as authenticity. The two are ultimately two different states-of-heart: one wants commitment, while the other wants beauty; one wants things that last, the other one does not; one wants a narrative that is true, whereas the other wants stories that feel true.”

6) The Cooper Review is the satirical blog of Sarah Cooper that mocks office life.

“10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” makes you laugh, because it’s true.

7) “Why Content Marketing Fails?” is that “gem” content marketing slide I’ve come across. It explains the essence of content marketing in a very memorable (Borat-like) way.

Basically, content won’t necessarily sell your product or service. At least not as quickly as you’d expect.


Anything exceptional you’ve read online recently? Share it below!

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