HALF WAY THROUGH: The Next Generation Of Global Consumers

by Tanya November 18, 2014

The progress

next generation of global consumers (2)

When two months ago I sat down with Daria and Natalie and we spontaneously decided to organize The Next Generation of Global Consumers event, we didn’t have all the answers, we just wanted to make it happen.

None of us had organized events before, but we wanted to take the risk and it’s been one of the greatest experience this year.

The last two week’s progress has been unbelievable. We have companies like Mashable, Instagram, Facebook and TransferWise show interest.

Ice cream company Whey Hey! is sponsoring our ice creams and Innovation Warehouse and CrowdShed are our media partners. Plus a whole bunch of volunteers and charities are signing up, who want to help out on the day. The feedback has been so encouraging, that it makes all the hassle so much more worthwhile.

The only unfortunate thing is that we’re not able to slot in all the great speakers, who want to speak at the event.

Learning growth hacking









I’ve been doing growth hacking for the last two weeks. I’ve done it all: SEO, advertising, partnerships, PR, cold and warm calling.

We didn’t go with just one set marketing plan. Instead, we threw all our skills together and went with the ones that worked the best.

Growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses creativity, web analytics and social media to sell a product or a service … quickly. Growth hacker focuses on low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing.


Our speakers

Benita Matofska

Benita Matofska

Fast forward two weeks and we have an impressive bunch of the UKs top tech and innovation talent speaking at our event.

Can you guess who are these people or companies?

a) The company that created the Meaningful Brands® framework!

b) The 21 year old kid who secretly controls social media!

c) The sharing economy expert!

c) Best brand tweet composer!

d) The Brightest Woman in Britain according to BBC!

e) Britain’s youngest science prodigy!

To find out who they are, check out the speakers here.

Bottom line

Daria and me. Natalie is behind the camera.

Daria and me. Natalie is behind the camera.

Put all the awesomeness aside, the most important thing this experience thought me is that we don’t have to ask for permission or have an experience to do the things we want to do. There are no gatekeepers any more. The people, who used to control the access to media or decision makers, have been removed. Now we can approach CEO’s directly on LinkedIn and Twitter. People are surprisingly open and willing to help, when you go ask them – it’s that simple. Because when you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘No’.

Two weeks to go! Be there or be square! Sign up to The Next Generation of Global Consumers event now!

We’re all about insights, delightful drinks and meaningful mingling 😉

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