Life After Divorce: 5 Things to Look Forward To

by Tanya August 11, 2019

Most of us don’t equate ‘great things’ with divorce.

Even the introduction of no-fault divorce in April 2022, which has led to the potential of a more amicable split, does not mean a divorce isn’t still challenging.

However, there are some less recognised effects of divorce that can lead to a more positive outlook and existence.

Let’s look at 5 things that can be great after you have ended your marriage:

1. Greater self-awareness 

Although you may feel at a loss immediately after a divorce, over time, and with the right approach, you will discover more about yourself.

By simply walking through the world alone, you will become more connected to your wants and needs.

Moreover, you will gain greater freedom to make the things that make you happy, happen! To aid you in finding this new self-realisation you can seek out professional counselling, where you will be supported with emotional issues arising from your divorce.

Spending time with friends, discovering new interests, and post-divorce hobbies will also guide you in discovering a greater sense of self and what you need to feel fulfilled.  

2. The joy of dating 

Dating after divorce is probably not the first thing on your agenda post-divorce but when you are ready, dating can be fun.

It can open your eyes to potential new partners and help you realise there is another world of opportunity out there.

Online dating and going on dates can feel daunting and it can take time to feel comfortable with this, so make sure you are in the right head space before you ‘swipe right’.

When the time is right, meeting up with new people can be interesting and enjoyable and it can be another useful way of realising what you want (and what you don’t) in your life. 

3. You’ll have stronger connections with friends 

Although you may assume you will lose mutual friends through a divorce, you will have a new golden opportunity to develop the existing bonds with your old friends.

Perhaps you have confided in them during your divorce and they have been through your journey with you. Or you may even have created new connections through your newfound hobbies and interests, creating a brand-new social circle.

If you are a single parent, forming connections with fellow lone parents can help you develop a strong support network where you can help each other emotionally and practically. 

4. You will become a better parent 

If you start your journey through divorce by gaining that greater self-awareness, the rest will follow.

One of these happy side-effects if you are a parent, is the likelihood of being more present and content with your children.

Although you may not have envisaged single parenthood positively, it can be a pleasant surprise to realise the encouraging impact you have on your children now that you are parenting alone.

Children naturally pick up on their parents’ emotions, good or bad, even if they are very young. Difficult relationships with conflict involved can negatively affect young people, and your newfound happiness will be a welcome addition to their lives. 

5. You will gain greater wisdom 

Experiencing a divorce is tough for many different reasons, depending on your own unique position. However, like all tough life experiences, there is an opportunity for personal growth and greater wisdom.

The wisdom that will help you make insightful decisions for yourself in the future.

You will no doubt emerge stronger, more fulfilled, and able to face other challenges knowing you can get through them, as you have done with your divorce.

Finally, everyone travels at a different pace when moving on from divorce, so try not to compare, and make sure your path to happiness is taken in the best way for you and at your own speed.   

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