5 Tips for Specifiers When Installing Roof Windows

by Tanya January 11, 2021

There are countless benefits of installing roof windows and skylights, that much is clear. They light-up the interior of your house with natural sunlight, provide excellent ventilation, and improve heat regulation. These are but practical uses. Other than them, the roof windows also satisfy the aesthetic appeal of the property.

It is easy to install them, as well as maintain them. Countless types of roof lights are available in the market. You can indeed find one that won’t put an undue burden on your finances, all the while fulfilling’s other requirements.

When specifiers come to install them, you may ask them to keep the following things in mind. It will make the end-result better.

1. Window size

Taking the size with care may seem like common sense; unfortunately, it is not so common. The measurements must be exact. Roof windows and skylights come in endless shapes and sizes. Your specifier must choose the exact dimensions before installation.

The standard size for a roof window is 34.4” x 23.62”. However, if this is unsuitable for your needs, you may order a custom size.

2. Aperture of the window

The size of a window’s aperture is not always the same as the size of the window itself. Make sure that your specifiers take the correct measurements.

The insulation sarking, as well as the ends of battens, need supports. The roofing underlay is also folded back to be fixed properly. Moreover, the tilting fillets, batons, and other elements need to be added to the roof. Some people want out-of-plane skylights. They require the construction of a window curb.

All these parameters and more matter when taking the measurements.

3. Structural support

People often use double rafters for vertical support and double trimmers for horizontal support. These are the most effective and widely used methods for providing the roof window with structural support. The standard size for double support rafters is 23.62”; however, it is customizable.

Make sure the specifiers take precise measurements.

4. Delivery and storage

Be mindful of how your skylights will arrive at the site. Not only that, but their storage needs careful handling as well. Panels of the size 29.5” x 29.5” can weigh up to 68 pounds. Depending upon the glazing, the weight may even exceed this estimate.

Do not splurge on asking for mechanical assistance. Not everything can be carried upstairs with the help of your friends by promising them a pizza.

5. Precautions for tilting windows

Skylights are generally installed on a flat roof, whereas roof windows are usually on the pitched roofs. While tilting, ensure that the bottom tile remains a small distance away from the window, so the flashing can be correctly installed.

When planning for the tile gauge, make sure to measure from the bottom of the roof. These precautions will guarantee the performance of your roof windows is not compromised.

It is essential to look at certain factors beyond appearance and performance when installing a roof window. You may leave all the work for the specifiers and only visit the site when work is finished. You can also take an active interest and make sure that all the work is done according to your specifications with maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. Your choice!

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