Top 5 Clothing Brands for Millennial Men On a Budget

by Tanya May 01, 2020
affordable men's fashion brands

Being a millennial invested in fashion can lead to an expensive lifestyle.

Many of us are already having a hard time saving and spending money on the things we need. Some of us are also too busy hustling to pay the bills. As a result, it’s hard to allocate time, thought, and resources to curating what we wear.

However, fashion doesn’t always have to be luxurious and expensive for millennial men. Sometimes, it’s how you market your fashion brand that will set it apart. It’s worth doing some research on fashion marketing agencies to see how they can help you,

Choosing the perfect outfit without spending a fortune can be tricky, but that’s why we came up with this list of the top five best brands for men’s clothing based on style and affordability.

1. Uniqlo – durable & minimal

Uniqlo’s plain shirts and jackets aren’t only of good quality – they also make it easy for you to shorten the time you spend every day choosing what to wear.

Uniqlo boasts simple but stylish pieces that are ridiculously easy to mix and match.

The brand’s also known for its durability and comfort, which is perfect for the hustle-and-bustle kind of Millennial lifestyle.

For formal and corporate attire, blazers are also available, which are great for the office.  

Price range: $6-$150

2. Zara – sophisticated & stylish

Known to be one of the most sophisticated-looking fast fashion brands, Zara has a massive collection of different styles. From classy to laid back styles, this brand caters to a wide variety of tastes.

Despite being in the fast-fashion industry, their pieces rarely go out of style as thanks to careful design. This makes Zara a great pick for those who want to invest in a few key pieces that will stand the test of time.

Price range: $6-$219

3. Hanes – practical & casual

If you’re looking to build a wardrobe of plain tees in different colours, Hanes is one of the most affordable and accessible options.

Aside from intimate wear, Hanes also offers comfortable casual wear. Its collection of tees can be used as an undershirt or as your go-to outfit when running errands. Hanes also has a great selection of practical clothes, especially for digital nomads.

Price range: $5-$22

4. Champion – athletic & trendy

If you’re into that “stepped out of the gym” look, Champion is one of the best athletic brands for you.

It has a wide range of sports and leisure apparel. Whether you’re actually going to the gym or simply looking for a lazy day outfit, you’ll likely find a Champion piece for your wardrobe.

Thanks to their trendy jogger pants and oversized hoodies, you can be both fashionable and extremely comfy at the same time. Though a little bit pricey compared to the three previous brands, Champion has more affordable clothes than a lot of other famous athleisure brands. 

Price range: $20-$60

5. Guess – denim & go

Denim is a must-have for every millennial.

Hardy and easy to pair,  denim is the go-to everyday wear of the practical millennial. That said, if your style involves a lot of denim, you might want to check Guess’ collection. Widely known for jeans and denim jackets, Guess also offers shirts, pants, and hoodies stamped with its iconic question mark logo. Its clothes can be a little bit pricey, but they’re worth the investment.

Price range: $20-$298


If you’re frugal, building a capsule wardrobe is a great idea. This means buying and selecting clothes that can be mixed and matched and dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Choose neutral colours like white, beige, grey, and black as they can match with almost every colour. It’s also good to at least have a go-to business attire in case you need it for work.

Your choice of clothing can make a good or bad impression. Transforming your wardrobe isn’t supposed to be hard or stressful, and you can build a good quality wardrobe even with a limited budget.

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