8 UK Cities Everyone Should Visit At Least Once

by Tanya August 30, 2022

The United Kingdom is an island country that is made up of mainland Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland) and the northern part of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland).

The United Kingdom is a place that has been at the forefront of the political, social, and cultural scene for many centuries, which has drawn tourist attention from around the world.

The selection of UK cities below is made up of beauty, popularity, and cultural significance:

1. London, England

London is, of course, the most important city in the UK. The capital of England is a huge cosmopolitan city that attracts the most talented people from around the world, from finance to commerce, fashion, and arts.

London is always busy, no matter when you travel.

The legendary landmarks include Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Southbank, the Tate, the British Museum and so much more).

The plethora of museums (the majority of which are free), and entertainment venues will keep you busy no matter how many days you are going to stay there.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Another capital city that people are dying to visit is Edinburgh.

The capital of Scotland is a breathtaking mix of Gothic buildings with a modernist twist.

Most people prefer visiting Edinburgh in spring or summer when the weather is nicer

Having a car will make your exploration easier no matter the weather conditions. You can find the perfect car for your travels in Edinburgh on Enjoy Travel – they only have the best cars at the cheapest prices on their website.

With a car, you can go to all the cool monuments such as Edinburgh Castle, Arthur’s Seat, National Museum of Scotland, and The Meadows – all of which are a little away from the city centre.

3. Bath, England

Bath is one of the UK’s best preserved Roman cities, named after its famous medieval thermal Roman Baths.

This beautiful city has been luring visitors to its healing waters for more than 2,000 years.

In addition to its ancient history, Bath is also famous for its lovely Georgian architecture.

The best examples can be seen along the magnificent, curved Royal Crescent, with its palatial townhomes.

4. Cambridge, England

Cambridge is my preferred city out of the two university cities (Oxford vs Cambridge).

If you have time to visit both, do it. But if you have t choose one, pick Cambridge.

Take history and add a modern twist of arts/cocktail and coffee culture.

Marvel at the grand architecture. Visit the campus of the world-famous university, whose alumni include Oliver Cromwell and Prince Charles.

5. Bristol, England

Bristol is a charming city that has transformed into one of the country’s most eccentric and exciting places.

Bristol is the most artistic UK destination, considering the number of museums, theatres, amount of live music gigs, and quantity of street art per square km.

Bristol is a great hub for the stunning natural surrounding areas (mountains, beaches, and Wales are just around the corner)

The city is hugged by the hills, which makes it scenic and cosy.

6. Brighton, England

No trip to the UK is complete without visiting the beachside town.

Brighton is a lively, fun, and vibrant city, built amid the vast coastline of South England. Brighton is backed by amusement arcades which makes it feel like Santa Monica in Los Angeles.

Explore its famous creative shopping area, The Lanes, which are narrow, twisting alleyways filled with independent shops and boutiques.

Eat fish, oysters, and other seafood.

7. Cardiff, Wales

The capital city of Wales is Cardiff is widely regarded as being the city with the most castles in the world.

Once a humble port, delivering coal to fuel the Industrial Revolution all over the world, it’s now a wonderful city with energy and vibrance.

Things to do include: Cardiff Castle, the National Museum, Cardiff Bay, and Flat Holm Island, Victorian-era arcades.

8. Belfast, Northern Ireland

This harbour capital city is in the east of Northern Ireland and it is a hub of culture and history.

Visit Cave Hill Country Park, and Botanic Gardens to see the magnificence and natural beauty of the place.

The impressive historic and cultural venues include such as Titanic Belfast, the Ulster Museum and the St George’s Market.

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